JAMA & Archives

JAMA and Archives

The first issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association was published on July 14, 1883.  In addition to articles and editorials about this new venture, and information about renewing your AMA membership (for $5, including the journal!), there were these articles:

  • Tonsillectomy Without Haemorrhage, by W.C. Jarvis
    Discusses the controversy on how to remove tonsils – with or without a knife.
  • On the Treatment of Otorrhoea With Antiseptic Powders, by Dr. H. Gradle
    On the antiseptic treatment of purulent inflammation of the middle ear.
  • Restoration of a Lost Cheek by a Flap From the Shoulder, by Edmund Andrews
    Case report of repair of 22-year-old woman’s shotgun-to-the-face injury.
  • Medical Progress: Medical Notes on Japan, by Prof. Ch. Remy
    Observations about nourishing and raising children in Japan.

You can now read all of JAMA online, back to volume 1, number 1, as well as all of its associated “Archives” publications going back to their own first issues.

The purchase of these online journal archives are part of the major initiative announced in the spring of 2011 to transition the full runs of several hundred print journals to online digital archives.  See this archived Pulse Newsletter article for more information.

Here are the recently added archives:

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