Enjoying a Safe and Healthy Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, there are a few things to keep in mind to remain healthy and safe. This exciting time of year for little ones can sometimes result in inconveniences like a tummy ache or something more unfortunate such as an injury.

First the Healthday News Service explains that “the number of U.S. kids injured on Halloween is scary.” Their article dated October 9, 2011 states that “experts warn that children are at 4 times the risk of being hit by a car on October 31st than any other night.” Click here for the full article.

Also, as described in The Science of the Total Environment (March, 2009), “Seasonal and holiday items are inexpensive and often directed specifically toward children, yet the use of lead paints in these products has not been widely recognized.” The objective of this study was to determine just how much lead is found in these types of seasonal products.

And lastly, some of you may recall hearing of local hospitals offering to screen your child’s Halloween candy. This has been going on for many years. The study mentioned in The Annals of Emergency Medicine (October, 1993), explains that “Data were collected from area medical centers that were screening Halloween candy. The ability to detect small sharp items was tested at five centers.”

A few examples of what could go badly. Of course, having eaten too many sweets will result in an upset tummy almost every time! Here’s to an enjoyable and safe Halloween holiday.

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