New Books in the Biomedical Libraries – October 2011

Kangaroo - Portrait of an extraordinary marsupialKangaroo – Portrait of an Extraordinary Animal
Dana Library
QL737.M35 J33 2010

Though often depicted in movies as a comedic animal – kangaroos are simply phenomenal all terrain marsupials that can move at speed, survive the most difficult arid conditions, and carry their offspring in complete safety. This book by Stephen Jackson looks at the engaging kangaroo and examines the different variations of the species, from tiny specimens living in arboreal areas to the familiar grassland kangaroos. This book also looks at the conservation of the species in the wild. This is a remarkable monograph possessing great depth of research on a fascinating animal.

Engineering animals : how life worksEngineering Animals: How Life Works
Dana Library
QP31.2 .D46 2011

The authors of this intriguing monograph look at animals and humans as an engineered system. Through countless generations of selection and continual refinement, animal species have become seamlessly integrated into their natural environment as finely crafted mechanisms. The authors look at the natural laws of physics to answer the question of how large or how fast animals can be. They look at animal behavior as the process by which animals survive and succeed in the on-going challenges of nature. This book is an insightful look at animals as symbiotic and well-crafted mechanisms in their shifting natural environments.

Animal Tool BehaviorAnimal Tool Behavior
Dana Library
QL785 .B32 2011

Humans are not alone in the creation and use of tools. Chimpanzees, dolphins, and even crows use tools to survive in the wild. This book looks at the several animal species that use simple tools and shows how they have adapted to these successful behaviors as tool makers. From the octopus to the rain forest orangutan, this monograph is a fascinating examination of tool making and use in the natural world.

Writing for publication in nursingWriting for Publication in Nursing
Matthews-Fuller Library
RT24 .O35 2011

Writing for publication can be a challenging process, and this book is a useful text that can work as a guide for the nursing subject writer. This book is a step by step procedural manual from coming up with creative ideas to developing and crafting a finished piece of writing. This book helps the writer identify their audience, establish awareness of evidence-based practice, and relay current information. This book is an enormously helpful work for those writing on nursing research topics.

The Journey Through CancerThe Journey Through Cancer
Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
RC263 .G426 2000

There are few books on the subject of cancer that can so readily help the reader with dealing with the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment as this insightful work by a gifted oncologist. This monograph is a helpful and detailed seven step process that will give the reader guidance and help to establish goals in cancer treatment. With fifteen years on insight helping patients, this author has a deep understanding of cancer and its impact on the patient.

Real Life with Celiac DiseaseReal Life with Celiac Disease
Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
RC862.C44 D46 2010

This book is a complete guide to living with celiac disease. The authors look at all aspects of this challenging condition and identify the many facets of living a healthy life by accepting a gluten-free diet. For those who are challenged with this condition, this book is an invaluable resource that can help you deal with the difficult day to day realities of celiac disease.

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