New Books in the Biomedical Libraries – November 2011

Introduction to Audiology
Matthews-Fuller Library
RF290 .M34 2012

The eleventh edition of this touchstone book on the subject of audiology is filled with highly current information on hearing, counseling patients with hearing disorders, and clinical masking procedures. The human perception of sound is explored and explained in great detail. This is an important book and the updated edition is more useful than ever.


When Someone You Love Suffers From Posttraumatic Stress : What to Expect and What You Can Do

Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
RC552.P67 Z39 2011

This book is a phenomenal resource for the loved ones of PTSD sufferers; it examines the effects on both the sufferer and those around him or her. The authors draw from their own experiences in treating PTSD and provide insightful information in dealing with PTSD in a holistic way. Superbly written and accessible to all, this book will be a positive path forward for everyone in the family.

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired : Living with Invisible Chronic Illness

Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
RC108 .D66 2000

You are sick and tired, and entirely undiagnosed. Invisible Chronic Illness (ICI) is life-altering and medically inscrutable, and is the subject of this genuinely helpful book. Drs. Donoghue and Siegel provides context and community for those patients faced with this enigmatic condition. This book will be an affirmation and information bridge for anyone faced with the challenge of ICI, and its pernicious effects.

The Red Market : On the Trail of the World’s Organ Brokers, Bone Thieves, Blood Farmers, and Child Traffickers

Dana Library
HV6627 .C37 2011

Grim, gruesome, and gripping, this fascinating book is an exploration of the illicit trade in human body parts. A compelling narrative that follows the path of illegal human material from source to recipient, this book reveals the ghastly interaction of wealth and exploitation in the transplantation process. From India to America, the author traverses the globe exploring the brutal trade in human vital organs. This is a well-written, ground breaking work on this medical gray area.

Driven to Extinction : The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Dana Library
QC981.8.C5 P425 2011

Climate change is altering the Earth and its weather systems. This book is a stark look through a scientific lens of slow but powerful catastrophic planetary change. The author explores the work of environmentalists who are trying to preserve the world’s fragile biological diversity in the face of daunting challenges. This book is a superlative examination of the interplay between hard to predict biosphere changes and shifting biomes in the natural landscape.

Atlas of Oceans : An Ecological Survey of Underwater Life

Dana Library
QH541.5.S3 F27 2011

This magnificent atlas uses detailed maps and informative text to show the vast diversity of the world’s oceans. It charts with vivid clarity the on-going erosion of the support systems for life in the world’s oceans through the overlapping dangers of over-fishing, climate change, and pollution. This book is a bold and thought-provoking survey replete with high quality information of interest to naturalists, oceanographers, and environmentalists.

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