New Books in the Biomedical Libraries – February 2012

The Bleeding Disease bookThe Bleeding Disease: Hemophilia and the Unintended Consequences of Medical Progress
Dana Library
 RC642 .P46 2011

Hemophilia became infamous in the early 20th Century from the harm it did to the royal families of Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. An aggressive medical battle led to the highly successful blood treatments that provided normalcy to people who suffered this devastating bleeding disease. When AIDS emerged in the 1980s, the impact on hemophiliacs was cataclysmic. This book looks at the disease of hemophilia and its treatment and consequences.



It's Probably Nothing:  Vermont Country DoctorIt’s Probably Nothing: More Adventures of a Vermont Country Doctor
Dana Library

R154.C554 A3 2011

This is the second book by this author on his practice in Vermont. It is an engrossing book that provides fascinating stories about a county doctor and his move to Philadelphia. He writes about his practice there and then his eventual return to Vermont where he reconnects with his former patients and their lives. This is a well-written book by a talented individual with vivid insights into both urban and rural medicine.




Antarctic Wildlife book

Antarctic Wildlife: A Visitor’s Guide
Dana Library

QL695.2 .L69 2011

Antarctica has a rich diversity of marine wildlife, and this wonderful comprehensive guide describes the seals, penguins, and birds of this frozen continent in great detail. The various species are depicted in excellent photography. This is a superlative guidebook that will transport the reader to the wild regions of Antarctica.




The Healing Power of Faith bookThe Healing Power of Faith: How Belief and Power Can Help You Triumph Over Disease; with additional research by Carol and Malcolm McConnell
Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
BL65.M4 K63 1999

This book is an examination of how faith can cure illness and disease. It examines the role that religious belief can have in the treatment of illness. The author provides compelling evidence that prayer can make a substantial difference in a patient’s chances at recovery. Case studies are presented to support this. This book is a great resource for those interested in the power of faith in illness.



Eat This Not That bookEat This, Not That! 2012: The No-diet Weight Loss Solution
Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
RA784 .Z5616 2011

This book makes dieting and nutrition easy and fun. Eat This Not That gives the reader useful information on what to eat and offers clear suggestions on what to switch from and to in your regular diet. The information is provided in a friendly and instructive way and will be of benefit to the reader seeking good advice on weight loss.




Medically Unexplained Symptoms bookMedically Unexplained Symptoms, Somatisation, and Bodily Distress: Developing Better Clinical Services
Matthews-Fuller Library: Consumer Health
RC552.S66 M43 2011

This book will help the practitioner deal with patients who present with unexplained symptoms. It is a useful work that provides best practice information on difficult to diagnose conditions. The book is a well written examination of an important area of medicine. It will help the reader improve understanding of the gray area of diagnosis that defies ready explanation.



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