Art Exhibit at Matthews-Fuller Library

Detzer artworkStarting July 5th until the end of September, the Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library at DHMC will feature art by Kathy Detzer.  Please stop by and enjoy!

“I have always loved art in all its forms. This series was completed in the studio and reflects my work as a graphic designer.  I love to experiment with color and many of these pieces feature a colorful “frame within a frame”. I take photos or sketches of any particular subject that moves me and bring those inspirational beginnings to the studio and go from there. I choose my palette depending on how I want to use color for the piece and paint on lightly sanded color paper, which holds the pastel best. I studied design in college and worked as a graphic designer for many years. I have painted murals and have an interest in children’s illustration which is evident in my compositions. The rich colors I use reflect my feelings about the subject matter and I find myself inspired simply by color, form and light.”
– Kathryn Detzer

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