Biomedical Goes Musical

Marilyn Milham and the Glitz Ensemble have created the Liberace Piano, one of the 50 Hands On Pianos scattered across the Upper Valley. The Liberace Piano is on display at King Arthur Bakery’s outside patio on Route 5 in Norwich until July 31. The Glitz Ensemble is made up of several Biomedical Libraries staff, including: Marilyn Milham, Susan Jorgensen, Owen McDowell, Danelle Sims, and Don Fitzpatrick, with the help of a few of Marilyn’s other friends: Mary Ellen Rigby, Dana Hanson, and Louise Moon. Susan came up with the Liberace theme and Marilyn and her crew took off from there, including painting, gluing of rhinestone, solar lights, and solar candelabra, as well as glitzy fabrics for back of piano and piano seat. We all enjoyed ourselves to the nines!

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