Exhibit – The Body: Depressed, Flayed and Stolen from the Grave

What do Renaissance artists and anatomists, Dartmouth medical students at the turn of the 20th century, and Robert Burton’s famous 1621 treatise The Anatomy of Melancholy have in common? They inspire us to consider the relationship between science, ethics, and humanism in the practice of medicine.

Students in Sienna Craig’s First-Year Seminar, “The Values of Medicine: Knowing Bodies, Forming Practitioners, Shaping Institutions,” explored these themes during Winter term by curating small exhibits drawing on the collections from Rauner Library and the Hood Museum. Come to Rauner Special Collections Library to see three of the student exhibits.

The exhibits were curated by Caitlin Zellers ’16, Lynn Huang ’16, and Regan Haegley ’16. It will be on display through June 20 in the Class of ’65 Galleries….read more.




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