Differential Diagnosis Tool: Now on Trial

isabelISABEL is a differential diagnosis tool now on trial through October 26. It allows you to enter factors like age, gender, and clinical findings such as fever, hypertension, chills, and more. It then suggests diagnoses and links to additional information to help narrow the diagnosis. Try ISABEL.

More information about ISABEL.

Note that the entrance page has ISABEL on the left, and other products on the right. This is just the trial entrance: the front page is customizable. It does integrate with DynaMed, but it can also interfaces with other information resources such as UpToDate, Cochrane Library, and PubMed.

It should be self explanatory, but here is a quick look at how it works:

  • Choose an age group and type in clinical features in the box provided. Use other fields as needed. Click “get checklist.”
  • A list of possible diagnoses will be shown on the right. Clicking on one takes you into DynaMed’s “Making the Diagnosis” section for that disease.
  • You can also use it to diagnose from symptoms caused by drug reactions or bioterrorism
  • In the trial version, when you are looking at DynaMed’s diagnosis section you will see links to other resources at the left. Not all of these will work. If we purchased this product the list would be customized with resources available at Dartmouth.

Please try ISABEL and then let us know what you think by sending comments to Peggy Sleeth, Associate Director/Information Resources.

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