BrowZine: Our eJournals on Your iPad

Article by Katie DeFord, Rick Hansen, and Jeremy Klockars

Would you like to easily access the current issues of the Biomedical Libraries’ subscriptions to eJournals without trolling through databases?  After all, databases are designed for searching, not reading.  Dartmouth subscribes to the full features of BrowZine, an application that allows you to easily create your own Newsstand, browse & store, and access thousands of Dartmouth’s eJournals collection.  One of BrowZine’s nice features is your ability to have the articles you need at your fingertips and be able to access them anywhere, anytime!  You can save articles to DropBox, iBooks, Notability, and other services. As of right now, BrowZine doesn’t offer printing, but articles can be opened in other apps that allow printing depending which you have installed on your iPad.

browzine vs. web

Dartmouth’s subscription to BrowZine allows you to create your own journal shelf. Simply browse the Dartmouth College Libraries’ eJournal collection, choose the titles you want on your shelf, download articles of interest and save references.  Currently, not all of Dartmouth’s e-journal subscriptions are available using BrowZine.  See a list of participating publishers here.  You can sign up for a newsletter to receive new updates about product releases through BrowZine.


Instructions for installing BrowZine:

  • From the App Store on your iPad, download the free BrowZine app.
  • For off-campus access you will need the Dartmouth VPN to access the collection. For instructions on setting up VPN on your iPad click here.
  • When installing BrowZine on campus (Dartmouth or DHMC/Lebanon), click “continue” when prompted with “VPN required at Dartmouth College.”
  • When you open BrowZine for the first time, you will see a list of schools; please select “Dartmouth College.”
  • BrowZine is also available at the Google Play and Amazon/Kindle stores for Android tablets. For more about BrowZine, see

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