Photography Exhibit: The Northeast

The Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library is pleased to host a new collection of photographs. This second set of photographs by Spencer James (Geisel ’16) will be on display until April 2015. Please stop by and enjoy these beautiful photos!

james-northeastCollection: The Northeast
This collection of photographs was shot over the past three years in various locations around New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. After moving from the Pacific Northwest to Dartmouth for medical school, I quickly grew to love the beautiful scenery in this area, and particularly appreciated how it evolved through the course of each season. During the summer, I tried to capture scenes of dramatic cumulus clouds, endless blue skies, and green forests. In the autumn, I turned my camera to the vibrant foliage and falling leaves. Despite the harsh winters with sub-zero temperatures and endless snow, I tried to find unique places to capture the striking contrast between dark shadows and fresh white snow. Finally, as spring arrived at the Dartmouth campus, I turned to photographing the colorful spring blossoms and flowers. In this collection, you will see photographs from around Dartmouth campus and the Upper Valley, my classmate Jesus Inguiniz at the Dartmouth Skiway, Mount Katahdin, Quechee Gorge, the Maine coastline, and the White Mountains. It has been a real pleasure to get to know this beautiful region over the past 3 years and I’m excited to continue exploring and photographing.


Spencer JamesMy name is Spencer James and I’m a third year medical student here at Geisel. I was born in Juneau, Alaska, and grew up in the small town of Port Angeles in the northwest corner of Washington. My love for photography was first sparked by my experiences traveling as an undergraduate at the University of Washington. At that time, photography for me was a means to document and share my experiences traveling and adventuring with my friends and family back home. While this is still at the core of many of my photos, I have grown to appreciate how photography also allows me to become more mindful and appreciative of my surroundings. It may sound paradoxical, but I find that looking through the aperture of a camera helps me tune into subtle patterns, colors, changes in light, shadows, and people and their expressions. More recently, I have started to explore the role of photography in humanitarian and global health work, which is one of my professional aspirations as a medical student. Prior to starting medical school, I also completed a masters thesis on statistical techniques applied to medical diagnoses. As a photographer, medical student, and researcher, I have frequently considered how these different worlds can each play a meaningful role in advancing human health.

Much of my inspiration in photography comes from those journalists and photographers who focus their work on humanitarian and environmental issues. It has been an incredible experience at Dartmouth to meet Steve McCurry and James Nachtwey and see their work firsthand since they have photographed some of the most pivotal and pressing wars, disasters, social, and humanitarian issues of the 20th-21st centuries. Reading about the work of W Eugene Smith on Minamata disease has similarly inspired me by showing how photography can play a powerful role in bringing awareness and action to medical and humanitarian crises. While I will continue to love photography just for the sake of photography, I hope that one day my passion for taking photos can also help to positively impact the people and populations that I will be serving as a future doctor.


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