New Nature Drawings at Dana Library

Aliette K. Frank

Aliette K. Frank

Dana Biomedical Library recently added six colored pencil and graphite nature drawings by Aliette K. Frank to the East Reading Room.

Aliette Frank is a class of 2000 graduate in the Dartmouth College Biology Program. As an Environmental & Evolutionary Biology major, she first started drawing plant and animal species in the field on a research expedition to Africa to study mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in 1997. Since then she has enjoyed drawing many different subjects in her artistic and scientific work. Many of her interests spark from the colorful and uniquely shaped biota she discovered on Dartmouth’s Biology Foreign Study Program in Costa Rica and Jamaica in Winter 2000. Aliette’s PhD is in Sustainability & Education from The University of British Columbia (2009). Aliette is starting to write/illustrate children’s books about sustainability.

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon


From Left: White-Vented Violetear, Golden Poison Frog, Cactus Flower

tree branch drawings

Tree Branches

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