New Resource: DynaMed Plus!

DynaMed Plus screensDynaMed Plus is a next-generation, evidence-based clinical information resource. It contains clinically-oriented, evidence-based summaries written by medical experts for point-of-care use by physicians, medical students, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists and other health care professionals. DynaMed Plus also includes overviews and recommendations for 3,200 topics along with in-depth specialty content and links to Micromedex® drug content.  It has adopted the GRADE system to make it easy for users to understand the quality of evidence supporting its recommendations. Dynamed Plus also includes information and handouts that health care providers can give to their patients.

Dynamed Plus Mobile AppMedical graphics and images
Medical images and graphs from the American College of Physicians, The JAMA Network, Centers for Disease Control, Radiopaedia, and Massachusetts General Infectious Disease database are imbedded and searchable.

Mobile app
The DynaMed Plus app is also available for iOS and Android devices for offline access.

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