Top Chef with Elaina

Looking for something to watch? Elaina can’t get enough of this year’s Top Chef:

Top Chef | Season 17 | Episode 1 — (Full Episodes) On Bravo

The 17th season of the Bravo reality cooking show Top Chef started two weeks ago. I’m a huge fan of Top Chef (I have seen every episode of all 17 seasons, and, fun fact, almost cried when I saw former contestant Carrie Baird eating one table away from me at a restaurant in Philly), and the return of the series couldn’t have come at a better time. Never has television been so pleasurable, so escapist, so normal! Watching Top Chef is particularly exciting for me during any season, because I participate in a Top Chef draft with a group of about 20 friends and friends of friends. Similar to a fantasy football draft, we all rank the cheftestants before each episode to guess who will win the show’s challenge, who will win the quickfire challenge, and who will have to “pack up their knives and go” (I’ve never played fantasy football, I am just told this is similar). During ordinary, non-pandemic seasons of Top Chef, I am wildly competitive and eagerly anticipate each week’s rankings and episode. I love the draft! This year, watching Top Chef and participating in the draft have become the highlights of my week. It feels both ordinary and extraordinary to connect with people near and far over something normal and fun.

This post was written by Elaina Vitale, Research and Education Librarian for the Biomedical Libraries.

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