Music with Jeremy

If you’re like us, you’re strategically balancing going outside while catching up on your favorite shows and movies (and we have to say streaming movies that are currently in theaters with the snacks that are in our own homes is almost as exciting as watching them on the big screen).

Jeremy, our supervisor for Matthew’s Fuller Library, recommends that you add the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO) concerts to your list. Enjoy playlists created from archival performances from the last 70 years featuring a sampling the hundreds of distinguished soloists that have been the orchestra.

The Met is also offering Opera on Demand, allowing viewers to experience more than 700 full length Met performances. The Met offers a 7 day free trial, giving you just enough time to learn all the words to your new favorite opera.

Jeremy’s also been enjoying the Train Journey to the Norwegian Arctic Circle, which you can view in all four seasons and footage of the whale migration.

This post was written by Paige Scudder, Research and Education Librarian for the Biomedical Libraries.

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