Getting to Know the Biomedical Libraries’ Staff: An interview with Shuling Peng

December 2019

1. What is your job and how long have you worked for the Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries?

I think it’s 18 years. It’s been quite long right? I worked for the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth before working for the Biomedical Libraries. Before I came to America I worked in a library for 10 years, so I’ve been in the same career for a while now.

2. What is your favorite part about your job?

The services to the patron. When we find an article for a patron, especially after we spend a lot of time looking, it’s always satisfying. 


3. What is your least favorite part about your job?

You know, the library is my choice. I don’t think I have a least favorite.

4. How are you spending your isolation?

I think I’m having a lot of fun! I like to read books and cook. I’m trying different meals, walking with friends. I’m in a dance group that meets three times a week on Zoom that has 300 people! It’s called YQ Chinese Dance Cardio. I’m just trying to keep busy.

5. Do you have any pets or kids?

I don’t have any pets. Well, I had a fish, but maybe the change of water was too much because it died. My younger son is a sophomore in high school and my older son works at Hitchcock. My older son doesn’t live at home, I only see him a few times a month.

6. What pantry meal are you proudest of? 

Any kind of dumpling. Chive, carrots, celery, ground beef, any kind. I like to make it from the flour until the end.

7. What are you reading/watching during your isolation?

I recently read a book called Joy of Life, by Mao Ni. It’s a big book, 700 pages I think. It’s about the different ways people live. I’ve also been watching eternal love of dreams, which is a drama. It’s very popular in China. My son doesn’t like to watch it with me, so I watch it on my laptop so he can have the TV. 

8. What is your hobby? 

I think for a hobby, I like quiet. Sit there by myself and relax. I’m also happy to walk, hike, dance, swim and do yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for almost 10 years, my favorite pose is the downward dog. I tried pilates, which is a little different and works the core. I’ve also been cutting hair, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been helping my friend’s cut their hair too, Youtube has a lot of videos to help!

9. Where’s a favorite place you have traveled and where would you most like to travel to next?

I was going to go to China this month, I’m looking forward to going again… but I don’t know how long until we can go. I was also planning on going to Europe next year with my son, but he has SATs and everything. Maybe after he is done we can go. Who knows, it’s hard to plan anything these days.

10. What frivolous things do you miss about being out in the normal world?

That’s really hard to answer. Maybe going to the movie theater, seeing friends. I think it’s going to be a long time before things get back to normal, but it will someday.


This post was written by the Water Cooler Committee, Samara Cary, Paige Scudder, Elaina Vitale, and Samantha Wiebkin, for the Biomedical Libraries.

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