Molecular Tools Core (MTC)

Vail Building, Room 308
Geisel School of Medicine, Hanover, NH

The Molecular Tools Core is a bioMT and Dartmouth community resource that supports research programs via production of high quality recombinant proteins. We are developing optimization strategies to build an integrated pipeline capable of producing a wide spectrum of proteins.

Protein production and characterization:  from gene to structure…

The MTC works closely with investigators assisting with the decision-making process, providing expert advice and necessary training on construct design, host selection, optimization of expression conditions and development of purification schemes.  The MTC also works in collaboration with research groups by producing large quantities of recombinant proteins for a variety of downstream applications. Currently, we are implementing a robust pipeline for protein production in bacterial, mammalian, and insect cells. All proteins are produced under standardized conditions to ensure consistent, reproducible, and reliable products. We are creating standard procedures to provide a reliable quality control and characterization data package with the finished product, in close collaboration with the Molecular Interactions and Imaging Core (MIIC).

The MTC houses the Crystallography Core Facility (CCF), providing the bioMT researchers the unique opportunity of cloning, expressing, purifying, and crystalizing recombinant proteins in the same location.



One of the main goals of the MTC is to be a user-friendly facility and to provide numerous hands-on training opportunities to our users. We offer generalized training to enable researchers to independently use the available equipment and training tutorials to facilitate technology transfer of a wide range of classical and state-of-the-art methodologies.


(for more information, including additional equipment details, reserving equipment, and requesting training, visit RaDar)

AKTA pure 25 chromatography systemsFPLC system for purification of native or recombinant proteins. The instruments are equipped with:
• Multi-wavelength UV and fluorescence detectors.
• Capillary loops, superloops, and sample pumps to load a wide range of volumes of sample.
• Pre-packed columns for size exclusion, ionic exchange and affinity chromatography.
Beckman Avanti J-25
Optima L-70 and Allegra 6R
For low- and high-speed centrifugation of samples in tubes or plates.
Bio-Rad Trans-Blot TurboProtein transfer from gel to membrane in less than 10 min.
Bio-Rad PROTEAN IEF CellFor protein separation using isoelectric focusing.
Horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis systemsFor protein and nucleic acid analysis (Bio-Rad and Invitrogen).
VWR shaking incubatorsFor cell culture (37ºC and low temperatures).
Bio-Rad ElectroporatorFor transformation of fungal, bacterial and eukaryotic cells.
Microfluidizer LM10For pressure-driven disruption of all cell types.
NT8 Drop SetterAutomated nanoliter/microliter drop dispenser.
Formulator Screen BuilderAutomated preparation of custom crystallography screens.
Rock ImagerImaging of crystallization plates at scheduled intervals.