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WordPress Maintenance Window (and some updates!)

The server will be down for maintenance tomorrow (Thurs March 28) from approximately 8pm - 10pm. Please do not edit your site during that window as your changes may be lost.

After the upgrade, you will notice some improvements. For example:

  1. A few additional themes (P2, Radius, Twenty Twelve)
  2. Additional plugins:
  • Google Analyticator: To replace the current Google Analytics plugin which does not function properly.
  • LaTeX for WordPress: For writing math expressions and formulae.
  • Restricted Site Access: Restrict your site such that only logged-in users can access it.
  • Subscribe2: Set up a mailing list so that users receive email notifications when new content is posted to your site.
  • The Events Calendar: Manage events on your WordPress site. (This is different from the main Dartmouth Events Calendar, currently under development.)