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Version Upgrade — Addendum

As a follow-up to my previous post, we have discovered additional websites on the central WordPress instance that rely on plugins and themes we were planning to remove. We are still planning to remove these themes and plugins eventually, but we wanted to give you ample time for the transition.


We will now be keeping all the existing themes on the system through Tuesday's upgrade. The themes I mentioned previously will be phased out, most likely in June, so you should still transition them off your site before then.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), these themes will be converted to a "deprecated" status. This means that if your website is using one of these themes, it will still work past Tuesday. However, the themes will not be available for other sites to choose. Also, if you switch away from a deprecated theme to another after Tuesday, you cannot then switch back to the deprecated theme later.

We also will no longer be supporting the deprecated themes. After Tuesday, they truly will be "use at your own risk." This means that we will not be testing these themes for bugs in future WordPress updates, and they might not work properly with certain plugins on your site.

Themes to be deprecated -- kept on Tuesday, removed later

  • Atahualpa
  • Blogolife
  • Radius
  • Delicate
  • Graphene
  • Mystique
  • P2
  • Pagelines
  • Responsive
  • Radius
  • Weaver II

Plugins to be removed on Tuesday

  • WP-Touch
  • Weaver File Access Plugin
  • Categories to Tags Converter
  • Import Blogroll with Categories
  • Local Time Clock
  • Page Restrict

Plugins to be removed later

  • WP-Post Ratings
  • Simple Section Navigation
  • Feed WordPress
  • Promotion Slider