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We recently added three new themes to the Dartmouth WordPress environment:

Twenty Seventeen theme screenshotTwenty Seventeen

This new core WordPress theme is visually oriented, responsive, accessible.  It is possible to have a video on the header.  There is also a social media menu.

Dartmouth Green screenshotDartmouth Green

This provides a look just like the standard Dartmouth departmental websites.  Common Dartmouth links are available in the header and the footer. A special social media toolbar can be set up in the banner area. It is also possible to insert special iframe codes, such as calendars, Google docs, videos, etc.

Hemingway screenshotHemingway

A visually appealing theme that is responsive and friendly to large images.

Last week, we upgraded the WordPress software that runs the environment at Dartmouth College.

WordPress 4.7.5 includes important security updates for the WordPress 4.7 release that came out in December. We also added the Twenty Seventeen theme, the latest core WordPress theme.

Questions? Problems? Please contact

Twenty Seventeen theme screenshot
Twenty Seventeen theme - just added