Calligraphy Is a Special Game

Today our Beijing FSP participants had a “special game” and each of us received a great special gift–Prof. Deng Baojian 邓宝剑, Chair of the Calligraphy Department at BNU, delivered a wonderful talk on Chinese calligraphy, “Calligraphy Is a Special Game”:

In today’s special game, he kindly did each of us an amazing gift–our Chinese names in his beautiful calligraphy:

“Thank you, Prof. Deng, we love you!”

Chinese Calligraphy and Physics Combined

Ding Anjie (Angelina L. DiPaolo ’17) successfully presented and defended her revolutionary Chinese calligraphy Honors Thesis at Dartmouth on 17 May 2017.

Judging Calligraphy Excellence Based on Velocity

“Drawing calligraphy can be defined through electric and magnetic field movements… To lift, we must press, and to draw right we must close the stroke by turning the brush left. These are equal and opposite, and reinforce each other, creating waves and moving with the flow of the energy waves in a seamless creation of a calligraphy masterpiece, guided by electric and magnetic fields.”
— Angelina L. DiPaolo ’17

Literal Proof of Yan’s Light Wave Guiding Him through the Piece, Leading His Hand to Press Deeper or Lighter with the Velocity of His Hand


Technical Calligraphy Studies Week at Dartmouth

Holly R. Langley Talking on “Yan Style and Fractal Calligraphy” on Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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Don’t Miss DAMELL’s Honors Thesis Presentation by Angelina L. DiPaolo’17 丁安洁
Who Is Making Revolutionary Progresses in Technical Calligraphy Studies:
4:30 PM, Wednesday, May 17, 2017
031 Kreindler Seminnar, Haldeman Center, Dartmouth College

First Fractal Calligraphy Exhibition Starts Today

Fractal Calligraphy was developed in recent years at Dartmouth College as part of Technical Calligraphy Studies. This exiting new form of art cannot be fully appreciated without the contexts and insights of Mathematical Art History. In addition to invited lectures and conference/workshop presentations around the world, Prof. Wen Xing also formally introduced Fractal Calligraphy to Dartmouth students in his CHIN 62 “Chinese Calligraphy” course in the Fall Term of 2016. With the generous support from Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, “Fractal Calligraphy” was taught as one of Dartmouth’s School House Mini-Seminars during the Winter Term of 2017. Thanks to the enthusiasm of some workshop participants and the current CHIN 82 “Chinese Calligraphy and Manuscript Culture” and CHIN 54 “Classical Chinese Poetry” students, this first ever Fractal Calligraphy exhibition successfully starts today, Friday, April 28, 2017. Please find the exhibition information in the posters above. You are cordially invited to the exhibition reception during 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM, Thursday, May 18, 2017, on the first floor of the Haldeman Center in front of the Dickey Center for International Understanding, Dartmouth College.