Principal Investigator

Tor Wager 

Professor, Dartmouth College

Tor Wager is the Diana L. Taylor Distinguished Professor in Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Cognitive Psychology in 2003, and served as an Assistant (2004-2008) and Associate Professor (2009) at Columbia University, and as Associate (2010-2014) and Full Professor (2014-2019) at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Since 2004, he has directed the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience laboratory, a research lab devoted to work on the neurophysiology of affective processes—pain, emotion, stress, and empathy—and how they are shaped by cognitive and social influences. Dr. Wager and his lab are also dedicated to developing analysis methods for functional neuroimaging and sharing ideas, tools, and scientific data with the scientific community and public. See and for papers, data, tools, and code.


Rotem Botvinik-Nezer

Postdoc, Dartmouth College

Marta Čeko

Postdoc, University of Colorado at Boulder

Xiaochun Han

Postdoc, Dartmouth College

Philip Kragel

Postdoc, University of Colorado at Boulder

Michael Sun

Postdoc, Dartmouth College

Katerina Zorina-Lichtenwalter

Postdoc, University of Colorado at Boulder

Graduate Students

Mijin Kwon

Graduate Student, Dartmouth College

Bogdan Petre

Graduate Student, Dartmouth College

Heejung Jung

Graduate Student, Dartmouth College

Luke Slipski

Graduate Student, Dartmouth College

Visiting Faculty and Scholars

Lukas Van Oudenhove

Visiting Faculty, Dartmouth College

Sophie van ‘t Hof

Visiting Scholar, Dartmouth College

Feng Zhou

Visiting Scholar, Dartmouth College


Maryam Amini

Research Assistant, Dartmouth College

Mickela Heilicher

Research Assistant, University of Colorado at Boulder

Laurie Polisky

Research Assistant, University of Colorado at Boulder

Victoria Schelkun

Research Assistant, Dartmouth College

Clayton Schneider

Undergraduate RA, University of Colorado at Boulder

Bethany Hunt

Lab Manager, Dartmouth College

Jack Lovell

Undergraduate RA, University of Colorado at Boulder

Eilis Murphy

Research Assistant, Dartmouth College


Mia Koski

Research Assistant, University of Colorado at Boulder

Darren Gu

Undergraduate Volunteer, Dartmouth College

Previous Postdocs and Graduate Students

Yoni Ashar headshot

Yoni Ashar

Fellow at Cornell University

Marieka Jepma headshot

Marieke Jepma

Research Scientist at University of Amsterdam

Lauren Atlas headshot

Lauren Atlas

Faculty at the National Institutes of Health

Tal Yarkoni headshot

Tal Yarkoni

Faculty at the University of Texas at Austin

Elizabeth Reynolds Losin headshot

Elizabeth Reynolds Losin

Faculty at University of Miami

Luke Chang headshot

Luke J. Chang

Faculty at Dartmouth College

Liane Schmidt headshot

Liane Schmidt

Faculty at INSEAD, Paris

Anjali Krishnan headshot

Anjali Krishnan

Faculty at Brooklyn College


Hedwig Eisenbarth headshot

Hedwig Eisenbarth

Faculty at the Victoria University of Wellington

Marina Lopez-Sola headshot

Marina Lopez-Sola

Faculty at the University of Barcelona, Spain

Mathieu Roy headshot

Mathieu Roy

Faculty at McGill University, Montreal

Marianne Reddan headshot

Marianne Reddan

Postdoc at Stanford University

Jason Buhle headshot

Jason Buhle


Julie Spicer headshot

Julie Spicer

Faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Wani Woo headshot

Wani Woo

Faculty at SKKU, Korea

Leonie Koban headshot

Leonie Koban

Research Scientist at INSEAD, Paris

Stephan Geuter headshot

Stephan Geuter

Scott Schafer headshot

Scott Schafer


Daniel Lee headshot

Daniel Lee

Research Scientist at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Pavel Goldstein headshot

Pavel Goldstein

Faculty at the University of Haifa, Israel 

Lauren Leotti headshot

Lauren Leotti

Postdoc at Rutgers University

Hedy Kober headshot

Hedy Kober

Faculty at Yale University

Previous Staff

Daniel Kusko headshot

Daniel Kusko

Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Zachary Anderson headshot

Zachary Anderson

Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University

Jordan Behn headshot

Jordan Behn

Research Assistant at Northwestern University

Judith Carlisle headshot

Judith Carlisle

Ph.D. Candidate at Washington University in St. Louis

Damon Abraham headshot

Damon Abraham

Jacob Parelman headshot

Jacob Parelman

Joe Clark headshot

Joe Clark

Luka Ruzic headshot

Luka Ruzic

Dan Ott headshot

Dan Ott

Jennifer Winer headshot

Jennifer Winer

Jeny Sills headshot

Jeny Sills

So Young Choe headshot

So Young Choe

Emma Hitchcock headshot

Emma Hitchcock

Megan Powell headshot

Megan Powell

Morgan Gianola headshot

Morgan Gianola

Joe Wielgosz headshot

Joe Wielgosz

Helena Yardley headshot

Helena Yardley

Lanlan Zhang headshot

Lanlan Zhang

Weihao Zheng headshot

Weihao Zheng

Daniel Weflen headshot

Daniel Weflen