CAREER BLITZ: Communication


  1. Dolphin Organics – Marketing/Brand Development INTERN
  2. Health Communications – Communications Assistant – POST-GRAD
  3. Columbia Publishing Course – June 16-July 26
  5. IdeaRocket – Copywriting/Marketing INTERN
  6. Associate Consultant (strategy) – Interbrand (NY) POST-GRAD
  7. Turner Broadcasting – Summer CNN INTERNSHIPS
  8. ABC Studios Production Associates Program –  POST-GRAD
  9. CBS Entertainment – Daytime Writers Initiative
  10. Communications and Social Media FellowThe Invincibles (6 mos.) POST-GRAD


1. Dolphin Organics – Marketing/Brand Development INTERN:

Work alongside Dartmouth alum and Founder/ Director of Brand Development to: Research trends in the Natural and Organic Personal Care Industry; With creation of Marketing Materials; Participate in semiweekly team meetings and brainstorming sessions; Learn about strategic business planning, website development, marketing and social media IN Pound Ridge, NY (Westchester County).  Unpaid.  Send resume, cover letter and list of references to Ayo Hart  Tel# 855-289-3657 x1

2. Health Communications – Communications Assistant – POST-GRAD:  (Cambridge, MA)

Feinstein Kean Healthcare (FKH) is a strategy/communication company that works with organizations that are closest to emerging trends in science, medicine, business, policy and healthy consumer behaviors. Its clients include global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and device companies; personal genomics, nutrition and wellness companies and institutions; health information technology providers; contract research and health services firms; consulting organizations; advocacy groups and professional and industry organizations; academic medicine and government agencies. Provide day-to-day support to the EVP of Health Sciences, communications activities for clients and administrative functions of the firm.

3. Columbia Publishing Course – June 16-July 26:

An intensive immersion program that provides a comparison of book, magazine and digital publishing. Students learn from writers, editors, publishers, design directors and illustrators, advertising experts and publicists.  A career fair is held in New York the week after the course ends and the course offers extensive career placement and support services.  DEADLINE:  MARCH 18


The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation provides an online job search site. Direct/Interactive marketing professionals focus on the consumer, data and accountability.  They help companies figure out individuals, with great communication skills who are not afraid of numbers. Positions include:  Account Coordinator, Community Manager, which campaigns are working best and how to use marketing dollars more effectively. Marketing departments and agencies are looking for well-rounded Database Marketing Coordinator, Email Marketing Specialist,  Graphic Designer, Marketing Analysts, Social Media Coordinator and Web Content Writer.

5. IdeaRocket – Copywriting/Marketing INTERN:

Specializing in explainer videos, IdeaRocket is a full-service animation studio in NYC. Pays $15 @ hr. (20-24 hrs. a week). Write some scripts for clients, but most of your work will be blog-writing, social media updating, email outreach, and marketing our business in general.  send a cover letter, resume and a brief sample of your finest writing.

6. Associate Consultant (strategy) – Interbrand (NY) POST-GRAD:

Looking for candidates who are comfortable working with numbers and understanding timelines;  related work experience in client service, branding, design, marketing, communications a plus.

7.Turner Broadcasting – Summer CNN INTERNSHIPS:

Internships in Atlanta, New York, DC in areas such as News, Entertainment, CNN en Espanol, CNNPolitics, Investigative Unit, IT & Engineering, Medical Unit, State of the Union, Public Relations, Technical/Media Operations, Creative Services, Programming and more.

8. ABC Studios Production Associates Program –  POST-GRAD:

The program lets candidates experience many different areas of the multifaceted, corporate side of production, including: Production Management; Production Finance; Post-Production Management; Studio Crafts Management; and Production Business & Legal Affairs.    Click ‘Download Application’  * ONLY APPLY between MARCH 18-APRIL 5, 2013

9. CBS Entertainment – Daytime Writers Initiative:

This initiative provides qualified diverse writers with mentorship, career development and access to Daytime decision makers and writing staffs of CBS’ Daytime dramas, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful. This is NOT employment and there is no monetary compensation. The goal is to provide an immersive, educational experience of the writing process of daytime dramas. Deadline:  April 1, 2013 (apply early)

Additional information and application materials can be accessed at:, click on Diversity Institute and then Daytime Writers Initiative.

10. Communications and Social Media FellowThe Invincibles (6 mos.) POST-GRAD:

The Fellow works for the Center for Community Change in Washington, DC. The Young Invincibles was founded in the summer of 2009 to give young adults (ages 18-34) a voice in the health care debate, and to organize and advocate around one of the most critical issues for this generation. The ideal candidate has an interest with policy issues (health care, higher education, jobs, and entrepreneurship), is an exceptional writer and communicator, and communicates effectively and professionally.


More resources at COMMUNICATION Career Link

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Career Blitz: International


1. Foreign Affairs Magazine – Assistant Editor Intern (1 Yr.) POST-GRAD

2. International Peace & Security – INTERNS (DC)

3. Teach for China (2 yr.) POST-GRAD

4. Congressional-Executive Commission on China – INTERNSHIP

5. India – Takshashila School – Teaching Fellow (1yr) POST-GRAD

6. World Bank Social Media INTERN – Africa Communications Unit

7. TEACH IN HONG KONG – Chatteris (9 mos.) POST-GRAD


9. Marshall Islands – Dartmouth Volunteer Teaching Program (1 yr.) POST-GRAD



1. Foreign Affairs Magazine – Assistant Editor Intern (1 Yr.):

Gain exceptional training in serious journalism. Work as an Assistant Editor and be involved in all aspects of the editorial process–editing, proofreading, evaluating manuscripts, research, fact-checking, and production work.

Deadline:  FEB. 15

2. International Peace & Security – INTERNS (DC):

The Stimson Center is a nonpartisan institution devoted to enhancing international peace and security through a unique combination of rigorous analysis and outreach. Several Internships:  Budgeting for Foreign Affairs & Defense Intern; East Asia China Intern; East Asia Japan Intern; Environmental Security Intern; Managing Across Boundaries Intern; Middle East/Southwest Asia Intern; South Asia and Space Intern; and Southeast Asia Intern.

Deadline:    MARCH 1

3. Teach for China (2 yr.) POST-GRAD:

Teaching fellowships in China’s most indigent rural schools. (The only program in China collaborating with Teach For All’s global network, a Teach For America affiliate)   Deadline:  FEB. 24

4. Congressional-Executive Commission on China – INTERNSHIP (paid):

Conduct research and writing projects on human rights and rule of law issues in China under the supervision of Commission staff. Interns may also assist with researching and updating records on the Commission’s Political Prisoner Database. Interns may also be invited or required to attend some of the many rule of law and human rights events.

5. India – Takshashila School – Teaching Fellow (1yr) POST-GRAD:

Teach in the classroom, mentor local teachers, be involved in extended day and hostel programs, as well as to act as a role model for the school community.  Apply to Melanie Bowen ’93, Co-Founder & Director  (See DartBoard Entry-Level Job Description)

Deadline: MARCH 1

6. World Bank Social Media INTERN – Africa Communications Unit (DC)

Conceptualize new ways for the World Bank Africa to engage in social networks; Add a more “social layer” to the World Bank Africa’s corporate websites; Help manage blogs; Write social media press releases; Tweet from @WorldBankAfrica and @BM_Afrique; Engage with fans on the World Bank Africa Facebook pages and Livestream channel.  Stipend.

7. TEACH IN HONG KONG – Chatteris International Graduate Program (9 mos.)- POST-GRAD:

Chatteris Educational Foundation works in partnership with schools in Hong Kong to sponsor recent graduates from native-English-speaking countries around the world to work with local students. Accepted candidates are placed in schools throughout Hong Kong to teach English as a global language and experience a year of professional and personal development.  DEADLINE:  MARCH 1


A list of Foreign Policy Association recommendations for the study of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. School suggestions are based on a combination of degree types offered, location and fields of study.

9. Marshall Islands – Dartmouth Volunteer Teaching Program (1 yr.) POST-GRAD:

A year-long volunteer program for graduates of Dartmouth College. Participants hold full-time teaching positions at public schools throughout the Marshall Islands, a small group of atolls and islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

MARCH 1  (Apply early!)


FEB. 23-25 at the MIT Campus in Cambridge, MA. Register at 

**To schedule an Appointment with an Advisor, call Career Services at 646-2215

Intern Stories: Marina Villeneuve ’13 on Newsday Internships

Position: Reporting Intern at Newsday

Location: Melville, NY

Two sentence description of what you did: I reported and wrote breaking news, daily and enterprise articles about courts, crime and town politics for the Long Island desk.

Major at Dartmouth: Government

1. What was most satisfying about your internship?

I love journalism because I get the chance to learn something new every day. I’m never stuck behind a desk for long periods of time — instead, the bulk of my time is spent talking to people and learning about their stories and perspectives. When I am behind a desk, I’m investigating longer-term pieces or crafting cogent ledes. Being a breaking news intern at Newsday means that I come to work with little to no idea about what I’ll actually be doing, which is so exciting. What’s most personally satisfying is that “aha” moment when the story comes together, and does so in a way that breathes life into an otherwise dry or complex issue.

2. What’s the best way to enter your field? Any essential elements of preparation?

Networking: The world of journalism is super small. Everyone knows each other, which means networking is essential to both finding and ultimately landing internships and jobs. But, before you network, you need to have the skills and experience to back you up. Google your favorite journalists and use LinkedIn to see how they got where they are, and what sorts of skills helped them get there. Use the Dartmouth Alumni Network to search for journalists and ask for career advice.

Multimedia skills: It’s also essential to be comfortable with photo/video/audio-editing software. That doesn’t mean you have to be a professional, but you should be able to produce a multimedia package. Jones Media Center often has workshops on Photoshop and other softwares, and you can also access free tutorials on HTML and what not through sites like Lynda.

Clips: Still, internships alone aren’t enough — it’s the clips that you get at those internships are what will ultimately set you apart from other candidates. Have a wide variety of clips, from breaking news, to features, to analytical pieces across a wide variety of subject matter. Most places ask for three to five clips.

Internships: Internships are so essential, and media outlets nowadays really expect you to have at least one journalism internship before they’d even consider hiring you. Don’t get hung up on “big name papers” — instead, look at the skills and experiences they picked up along their path and figure out ways to develop those skills yourself. Small papers/media outlets can often be even more formative experiences for young journalists as they often are able to help train journalists on a more personal level.

Applying to jobs/internships: Do your research before sending out your package of clips, cover letter, references and resume — think of it as your first assignment. Find out who are the recruiters at the media outlets you’d like to work for one day, and start working relationships with them. This means everything from sending them clips to updates on your career (but not constantly, of course). Keep in touch with editors at past papers you’ve worked at, as they can often give you good leads on jobs or let you know of a position opening up at that very paper! This is an example of ways that internships can lead to jobs. Send your package on — or preferably ahead of — deadline, figure out who to address it to, and make sure you have no awkward typos.

Job-training programs: Lastly, keep an eye out job training programs like the Los Angeles Times Metpro, NPR’s Fellowship programs, Gannett Talent Development Program, the Atlantic Media Company’s Fellowship program, etc. Also, think of journalism graduate school carefully. Think about what you want to get from J-school before you apply/enroll in a senior year haze.

3. What advice would you give to others seeking opportunities in this field?

I’d highly recommend joining a journalism organization, like the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Society of Professional Journalists, Investigative Reporters and Editors, etc. Joining an organization (at a discounted student rate!) shows that you’re seriously interested in becoming a better journalist. These groups host annual/biannual conferences featuring professional development workshops, mentoring programs, job fairs, etc.

These organizations also have chapters that offer get-togethers, student scholarships and internship opportunities, etc. I’d also recommend awesome journalism training programs like the Chips Quinn Scholars Program, The New York Times Student Journalism Institute, the Sports Journalism Institute, etc. While you’re in school, seek out freelancing and stringing opportunities to keep your skills polished.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to just ask questions and create your own opportunities. Last spring, I cold-called every D.C. news bureau and pitched myself. I landed an internship at a national wire service and developed several relationships with potential employers — including The Los Angeles Times, who hired me as a D.C. intern for this upcoming summer. You might feel like a weirdo, but as long as you know your goals for the internship and what you can contribute, you’re gold. In the meantime, check out some tips on landing an internship, learn some data and business reporting skills (here’s a list of bootcamps),  and make sure you have a professional social media presence. Oh, and seek Dartmouth funds to host unpaid journalistic opportunities.

Note: Want to learn more about internships in Communications? Don’t miss our panel February 21, 4:30 PM in Career Services. Sign up today!

Career Blitz: Science

Topics Include:

  1. All Ivy Environmental Career Fair – Event 3/1/2013,Columbia University, New York, NY
  2. Biogen Idec – Public Affairs/Community Lab Intern (SUMMER), Cambridge, MA
  3. California Science & Technology Policy – Fellowship (Apply by 2/28) (1 Year), Sacramento, CA
  4. Dannon Yogurt – Probiotics Fellowship (Apply by April 1),
  5. Genzyme (Roche) – Structural Biology Intern (SUMMER), South San Francisco, CA
  6. Medzilla – RESOURCE, Nationwide
  7. National Association of Science Writers – FAQ for New & Aspiring Science Writers – ARTICLE,
  8. National Institute of Mental Health – Section on Bipolar Spectrum Disorders – Research Assistant (Apply now!), Bethesda, MD
  9. National Science Foundation – Summer Research Opportunities – Multiple Disciplines (SUMMER), Nationwide
  10. Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Internship Program – INTERNSHIP (Year-round opportunities), Arlington, VA

All Ivy Environmental Career Fair – Event 3/1/2013 (Columbia University, New York, NY)
Meet with representatives from 60+ organizations hiring for internships and full-time employees. Registration is now open.

Biogen Idec – Public Affairs/Community Lab Intern (Cambridge, MA)
Assist with running the summer sessions for high school students in the Community Lab. Provide  basic laboratory preparation and clean up, assist with organizing summer sessions, and provide teaching assistance during the sessions

California Science & Technology Policy – Fellowship (Apply by 2/28) (Sacramento, California)
Fellows are placed in the California State Legislature.  Fellows work hands on with policy-makers to develop solutions to complex scientific and technical issues facing California through their interaction with the legislative process.

Dannon Yogurt – Probiotics Fellowship (Apply by April 1)
The $25,000 Fellowship supports the education of a student who shows a strong interest in the research of nutritional and functional benefits of both yogurt and probiotics.  It enables a current or incoming graduate student of a science program to enhance his or her academic path in probiotics and yogurt research

Genzyme (Roche) – Structural Biology Intern (South San Francisco, CA)
Refine your research techniques as one of two undergraduate interns in the Structural Biology department of one of the world’s leading research-focused healthcare groups. A member of the Roche Group, Genentech has been at the forefront of the biotechnology industry for more than 30 years, using human genetic information to develop novel medicines for serious and life-threatening diseases.

Medzilla – RESOURCE (Nationwide)
Find hands-on research internships from organizations including M.D. Anderson, Genzyme, Covance, and Amgen. Site contains opportunities nationwide.

National Association of Science Writers – FAQ for New & Aspiring Science Writers – ARTICLE
Interested in learning more about career opportunities and the work of a science writer? This article provides a great overview of the field and the work.

National Institute of Mental Health – Section on Bipolar Spectrum Disorders – Research Assistant (Apply now!)
(Bethesda, MD)
Research the pathophysiology, treatment and prevention of childhood mental illnesses, with an emphasis on bipolar disorder in children. Apply online and forward a letter of interest and resume to: Lizz Reeves, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, Dept. of Health and Human Services Tel. 301-594-1690

National Science Foundation – Summer Research Opportunities – Multiple Disciplines (Nationwide)
Directory of National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates Program. This is a listing of opportunities available for Environmental Science related programs, visit individual sites for program details and application deadlines.

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Internship Program – INTERNSHIP (Arlington, VA)
Want to be at the heart of the debate about science and technology policy in the US? Assist with research, writing, planning, and organizational activities that support the Institute’s mission to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas for the purpose of informing public policy.

Check out more science opportunities at

Make an appointment by calling 603-646-2215


Intern Stories: Amber Porter ’14 on Kennedy Center Internships


Position: Intern
Location: John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.
Date: Fall Term 2012

  1. How did you find the internship? 

    I am addicted to job and internship hunting. I saw a number of interesting internships in Chicago, but The Kennedy Center internship was particularly appealing because it offered structured professional development programs.I followed the guidelines on the website to apply. The application process was intensive and required a cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation, and a formal application.

  2. Tell us about your internship?

    The Kennedy Center hires 30 interns every semester, each of them is assigned to a different office. I worked in an office called Performing Arts for Everyone, an initiative that offers a different performance every day at 6 pm on the Kennedy’s Center Millennium Stage. All performances offered by the program are free and open to the public.I joined a small staff team of five full-time employees. We worked collaboratively on assignments. One of the primary tasks I was assigned was to work directly with visiting artists to create performance programs for each event. Once a week I ran the entire performance, working directly with the tech crew, artists, and ushers to ensure house management and stage management ran smoothly.
  3. What was most satisfying about your internship?

    My desk was outside the office of a Vice President. He would often take breaks to come outside and talk to me about his work and what we were working on. He asked me for some coaching on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – and we set up formal appointments for me to train him.He also assigned me special projects. My favorite was working on Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday commemoration concert featuring many of today’s leading American folk musicians. I got to curate sound clips from an archived interview with Guthrie from the 1930s to use in between the acts during the performance. It was fabulous to have such an active and creative role in something so important.
  4. Where did you live and how did you find housing?

    I lived in Thompson Markward Hall, an old-fashioned women’s boarding house in DC that charges $925 for a single room, breakfast and dinner every day.I learned about the boarding house from U.S. Senator Tom Udall’s office; I had interned for the Senator in his New Mexico office during high school.
  5. What are you involved in at Dartmouth?

    I am a student stage manager for the Theater Department, which takes up most of my time.  I also work for the Hopkins Center both as house manager and as a student assistant in the Director’s Office.  In addition, I am a UGA.
  6. How did you choose to major in Theater? 

    I’d initially thought I’d be a campaign manager and major in Mathematical & Social Sciences. But my randomly assigned faculty advisor was the Theater Department Chair and I was attracted by the small department and by how the students and the faculty worked together as a family. The Theater Department open house was where I realized I could use all the skills and interests that had made me interested in campaign management to delve into the realm of theater. I’d enjoyed the theater work I’d done in middle and high school and took a Stage Management class at Dartmouth that sealed the deal.

  7. Does this internship affect your future plans regarding post-graduate activity? 

    The internship helped me further refine my career goals.Before this internship, I knew I wanted to go into Arts Administration – which isn’t a field we learn about a great deal. Through my internship, I learned more about Arts Administration as an industry – and all of the different categories of work that fall under the umbrella of work in Arts Administration.Before the program, I thought I’d graduate and work in the arts in development or as an assistant until I found my way. The internship – and my classes at Dartmouth – have helped me realize that I am a very kinetic learner in that I’m aptly suited for working at hands-on projects. I now want to be a producer.

    Now that I know what I want to do, I’m conducting a lot of informational interviews – and have learned there’s not a specific path to being a Producer. I’m going to work on gaining the skills others have advised me to develop in programming and non-profit administration for starters.

    How has Dartmouth supported you in your career development?

    I visited Career Services for help with my resume and cover letter. I also worked with my theater professors to learn more about the industry, opportunities available, and arts-specific resume tips.

CAREER BLITZ: Government & Public Policy

1. Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Klindt/Dye Internship – (Apply by March 31), Washington, D.C.
2. U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management – Resource
3. U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Internship – Internships (Apply by March 10), Washington, D.C.
4. ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project – Internships (Now accepting applications), New York, NY
5. American Enterprise Institute – Internships (April 1), Washington, D.C.
6. Audubon Society – Internships (Now accepting applications), Washington, D.C.
7. Center for American Progress – Internships (Feb. 17), Washington, D.C.
8. Manhattan Institute for Policy Research – Internships (Apply by March 4), Washington, D.C.
9. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – Internships (Apply by March 4), Washington, D.C.
10. Partnership for Public Service Fellows Program – Fellowships (Apply by March 8), Washington, D.C.
11. Sierra Club – Internships (Now accepting applications), Washington, D.C.
12. The Fund for American Studies Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship – Fellowships (March 15), Washington, D.C.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Klindt/Dye Internship, Washington, D.C.
Help Democratic candidates and caucuses while gaining valuable political experience. As many as four internships are offered each summer. Some of duties will be administrative, but interns are also given substantive projects based on the interests and current office needs.

U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management – Resource
Interested in an internship or full-time job post-graduation? The government’s programs have recently changed. This fact sheet will give you an overview of how to search for Federal positions.

U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Internship – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Have an interest in law, management, and the social sciences? Gain exposure to the field of judicial administration through work in the Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice. Interns may also participate in the diverse research. Open to advanced undergraduates and graduating seniors who have interests in law, management, and social sciences

ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project – Internships, New York, NY
Learn about public policy while protecting women’s rights. Conducting factual research on issues relating to civil liberties and reproductive freedom, assist with the archiving of case files and advocacy materials, and work on other projects as assigned.

American Enterprise Institute – Internships, Washington, D.C.
The American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank, offers internships year-round for students interested in working on economic policy, foreign and defense policy, social and political studies, public relations, The American online magazine, publications editing, marketing, government relations, and communications.

Audubon Society – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Gain real-world policy experience — an inside look at Congress, hands-on work with one of the conservation community’s most extensive grassroots programs, and an intriguing exposure to the network of federal agencies in D.C. Work side-by-side with Audubon’s highly skilled lobbyists, policy advocates, and grassroots team to develop a range of lobbying, policy, and outreach skills.

Center for American Progress – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Intern for progressive public policy research and advocacy think tank. Engage with the Center’s policy experts and participate in activities including research, writing, administrative tasks, conferences and web-based projects.

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research – Internships, Washington, D.C.
A unique work experience at a right-of-center think tank with a free market perspective. Gain broad exposure to MI’s work by contributing editing, administrative, and research skills directly to various MI departments. Internships available year-round.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Work on behalf of America’s cattlemen and women in Washington, D.C. Interns work alongside NCBA’s lobbying team, regulatory experts, communications team and political action committee to ensure legislative and regulatory actions taken inside the nation’s Beltway don’t cause harm to the cattle industry.

Partnership for Public Service Fellows Program – Fellowships, Washington, D.C.
Transforming the way government works while developing professional skills through a Fellowship with the Partnership for Public Service. Fellows’ duties vary but often include event planning and execution, conducting research, writing and preparing correspondence, and conducting outreach to external partners, such as government agencies and colleges and universities.

Sierra Club – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Help Sierra Club’s legislative office monitor legislative activities and public policy decisions of environmental concern, while also educating Congress, the public, and Sierra Club members on environmental quality. Work ranges from research and preparing brief materials to writing summaries and fact sheets.

The Fund for American Studies Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship – Fellowships, Washington, D.C.
Create a brighter, more prosperous future by preparing young people for leadership and teaching them the ideas of freedom and a free-market economy. Explore current public policy issues of critical importance to the high technology sector of the economy. The Fellowship programs includes a full-time 8 week public policy internship with a high-tech company, firm or trade association, and weekly issues seminar lunches hosted by Tisdale sponsors.

In the Category of Need to Know: How Private is Your Privacy?

In a world where up to 90% of executive recruiters say they conduct background online research on candidates, it’s important to know what employers say about you.

Here’s a handy infographic that provides an overview:

As always, if you have questions on how to protect your own privacy — or how to handle questions of potential employers, let us know.

Think you have an idea about what the best careers are?

You may be surprised at some of the professions that made U.S. News’s list of the top 100 Best Jobs of 2013, which is topped off by Dentistry and includes nursing, software development, and physical therapy among its top 10.

In creating this Best Jobs list, U.S. News took into account and allotted different weights to factors such as 10-year growth volume, 10-year growth percentage, median salary, job prospects, employment rate, stress level, and work-life balance.

This weighting methodology ensures that all of the top picks are not necessarily the typical cash cows, as many lower-paying professions offer other qualities that are also important to consider in the job search process.

Want to figure out the career that’s going to work best for you? Engage in careful research and consider many factors including job location or necessary training and education—when deciding where to anchor your career.

If you haven’t done so before, check out the Majors to Careers section on the Career Services homepage.

For a list of growing fields with projected increases in hiring and growth, check out Rick Newman’s 10 Businesses That Will Boom in 2020.

We also recommend, a site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, to get additional suggestions on employment projections, training requirements and jobs by area of interest.