November 5 – Virtual Grad School Fair (Register Now!)

Learn about Professional & Graduate Schools in a ‘live’ event… virtual_grad_fair

NOV. 5 (Tue)   8 AM – 6 PM

Interact with Admissions reps and save time!   Schools are from across multiple disciplines & institutions (see partial list below).  A Virtual Fair Tutorial is available on how to use the Virtual Fair system and the Live Chat feature.

*Register for this free event at
(Option to upload your resume prior to the event, but not required to participate)

32 Schools so far. More being added…

Bard College Master of Arts in Teaching
Boston College Law School
Boston U. College of Communication
Boston U. School of Law
California School of Professional Psychology
California University of Pennsylvania – Many disciplines
Cardozo School of Law
Carnegie Mellon University – Civil & Environmental Engineering
Columbia U. – Oral History Master of Arts
Cornell U. – Graduate School of Management
Cornell U. – Systems Engineering
Hofstra U. – Many disciplines
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Sciences – Social Work
McGill U. – Many disciplines
MCPHS U. (formerly Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences) – Health and post-bac
New York Institute of Technology – Many disciplines
NYU – Arts & Science
Northeastern U. School of Law
Purdue U. – Many disciplines
Quinnipiac U.- Law
Seton Hall – Law
St. John’s – Law
SUNY Buffalo State – Many disciplines
Robert Day School at Claremont McKenna – Finance
U. Alabama – Many disciplines
U. Chicago – Urban Teacher Education Program -Bio/Life Sci., Educ, Math
U. of Tampa – Business, Education, Art
Virginia Tech – Many disciplines
Washington U. in St. Louis Biology & Biomedical Sciences
West Virginia University – Integrated Marketing Communications
Willamette – Early Career MBA

Power Poses

Want to make a big impression in an interview or chance meeting? cuddy

Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy prescribes a simple exercise you can use to increase your public presence and sense of confidence. Click on the link below and check out her TED talk

Change Your Posture for Two Minutes, Expand Your Presence

This 20 minute video provides a routine you can also use to warm up for interviews. Let us know how it works for you!

October 3: Engineering Career Fair at Thayer School

The 17th Annual Thayer School of Engineering Career Fair is TODAY, October 3 thayer
(1pm-5pm) in the GlycoFi Atrium & The Great Hall at Thayer.

Can you attend if you are not an Engineering Sciences major? Yes! Companies that attend frequently offer internships and rotational training programs outside of Engineering and Computer Science.

The event is open to all Dartmouth students and alumni are welcome to attend.

There are 49 organizations attending, to view a list of participating
organizations, visit:

Participating employers include General Mills, Medtronic, Trinity Partners, Trip Advisor, Oracle and VistaPrint.

Interviewing Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid!

Is there an interview in your future?

Check out this infographic on the most common mistakes made at job interviews. Here are three of the most frequent mistakes:

  • Lack of eye contact (67%)
  • Having little or no knowledge of the company (47%)
  • Forgetting to smile (38%)

Notice anything? Good news! All of these are mistakes you can easily avoid — and practice.

For the rest of the tips — as well as good tips to prepare for an interview, click here.