Tips for the Transition going from Student to Staff: #MentorMonday

This is the fourth in a five part series that provides a tip about the transition from college student to full time employee.

Having a mentor is like having a more mature and experienced version of your conscious telling you what does and doesn’t work well in a particular industry or career.

Finding an office mentor is critical! You are going through an incredible amount of change and development during this time and it is important to find someone that you can look up to in the career field.

Have a boss that you admire? See if they will take you under their wing. Have a co-worker that does some amazing work? Schedule a lunch or dinner with them.

A job isn’t just a place to meet people and do work, it is a space of learning and growth. Find someone that you look up to and can get pointers and tips from as you grow in the position. Friendship and admiration can go a long way!

In admiration,

Jennifer McGrew ’13





Join us for a Road Trip to the All-Ivy Environmental Career Fair!


NOTE: Please read ENTIRE post or you will miss the bus!

Interested in landing a green job or internship? Attend the All-Ivy Environmental & Sustainable Development Career Fair, to be held Friday, February 28 at Columbia University in New York. Over 60 employers will be participating, including representatives from for-profit organizations, government and non-profit.

The Center for Professional Development is partnering with the Sustainability Office, the Environmental Studies Department and Thayer School to provide transportation via Mini-Bus to the career fair.

Busses will be leaving at 6am on the morning of February 28th, traveling to Columbia University for the fair and returning to Hanover that evening.


  • Sign up by blitzing by Friday, February 7th by 5pm. Spaces are first-come first serve. Reservations will be accepted beginning at 8 am on Tuesday, January 21. We will keep a wait list.
  • All students who sign-up for the trip are required to pay a deposit of $20 to hold their place. $10 will be returned the morning of the trip. Deposit can be brought to 103 Fairchild, Sustainability Office hours Thursday from 12-2pm in Robo 108, or sent to Jenna Musco HB# 6182 (Checks should be made out to the Dartmouth Sustainability Office).
  • All students signed up for the trip must register for the fair. Student registration is free and will allow you to share your resume with participating employers seeking to fill openings for full-time positions and internships.

Let’s go get awesome GREEN JOBS!


Tips for the Transition going from Student to Staff: You’ve Got a Friend in Me!

This is the third in a five part series that provides a tip about the transition from college student to full time employee.

Make friends in the office! You will spend the majority of your time  working in direct contact with the people in your office. Not that you need to be best friends with everyone, but you want to be able to feel comfortable around them. Most people say that they spend more time with their coworkers than their actual family members. It is important that you are able to build some type of cordial relationship with those in your office so that you not only enjoy the job that you are doing, but also the people that you are working with!

Every once in a while you may need a Beyonce dance break (cue music) and who better to do it with than with your office friends! Sometimes you get so bogged down with tasks that it is necessary to take a breather and relax a bit. Having a friend that you can chat with for 5 minutes or take a quick walk around the building with is necessary for keeping your brain clear and staying productive.

Office colleagues may be the best friends you EVER make and may become a bit of an extended family. Make sure that you have a strong enough relationship that they can remember you for the good!

Friends Forever,

Jennifer McGrew ’13



Tips for the Transition going from Student to Staff: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

This is the second in a five part series that provides a tip about the transition from college student to full time employee.

You know that age old saying, there’s no such thing as a dumb question? Well there isn’t. In order to make yourself not look dumb it is best to ask questions and ask a lot of them.

It takes time to be able to adjust to a new position. Not only are you learning the ropes of the job, but you are also trying to get into the groove of being a young adult as well. This tacked on being in a new environment and possibly a new location can lead to high stress and anxiety. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! When you didn’t understand something during your lecture you raised your hand or spoke to the professor afterwards to ensure you knew the information for the upcoming test. Though there will probably not be any tests at work, you want to make sure that you know the information. You never know when you will be asked to give a presentation or explain your project to someone else.

Your new job is just that, new. You don’t know the lay of the land. You don’t know the social norms. Sometimes you don’t understand the protocol for a certain task in the office. Sometimes you don’t know what to do about a issue with a client. Sometimes you can’t get the job done on time. ASK FOR HELP! Easier sad than done, I know, but in the long run it will make your job a whole lot easier if you find a way to do it better and more effective.

The people that you work with understand that you are new to the job and they are there to help you! Feel comfortable being able to go and ask them for assistance if need be.

Are there any questions?

Jennifer McGrew ’13