Welcome to the Excel Hack of the Week!

Welcome to the Excel Hack of the Week!

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used program for data and numerical analysis. It is used in every industry and all areas of academic study. Learn to master this powerful tool with online instruction brought to you by skillsX and the Dartmouth Center for Professional Development.

Are you opening Excel for the first time? Do you consider yourself proficient but are looking for some new tips? Or are you experienced and looking to take Excel to the next level?

SkillsX is founded by one of the foremost practitioners in applying Excel toward solving problems. It is now providing free video tutorials to all Dartmouth students, from basic elements to complex financial modeling and high level data analysis and visualization.

The Excel Hacks of the Week are select clips from the skillsX video library* demonstrating Excel’s most useful and powerful capabilities. Each week the CPD will send out two videos, one geared toward beginners and one geared toward more experienced users. Here are the videos for week 1.

Rookie: How can Excel make my life easier?

Week 1: Basic math functions.  http://www.skillsx.com/topic/x111-107/

Experienced: How can I do more, faster and more efficiently with Excel?

Week 1: The fastest way to visualize data – the F11 key.  http://www.skillsx.com/topic/x101-067/

The full array of videos can be found at www.skillsX.com, where you are welcome to register free of charge. Don’t see a tutorial on a task you are trying to do? Just leave a comment on the Speak Up! page (see top menu) and we’ll add it. New videos every week!

*skillsX Video Library http://www.skillsx.com/reference/video-library/)

Ready. Set. Go! Sweet Sixteen Challenge

Sweet 16 Summer Challenge


The Center for Professional Development (CPD) wants to challenge the ’16s on campus to develop life-long job-seeking skills and information this summer.  In order to do so, a student will:

  • Accept the Challenge under your DartBoard Profile
  • Complete 3 eligible programs offered through the CPD (Look for S16S beside the program title)
  • Network with parents & alumni; learn valuable skills; work towards an internship.
  • Show off your accomplishment with a Digital Badge once all is completed.

To participate:

  • Log into DartBoard to sign up for programs designated with (S16S)
  • Attend at least 3 of the programs offered; feel free to sign up for more!

Programs include:

  • Internship Ramp Bootcamp
  • Speed Networking
  • Recruiting Tutorial
  • The Many Face of Law
  • 6 Tips for 16s: Become an Expert Networker
  • Cracking the Case Interview
  • Crush Your Interviews

For more information, log into DartBoard.  Dare to Be Different!