A New Way to Get Hired: Play Games!

Stuck in your job or internship search?
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Want new ideas on what types of work might play to your strengths?
Interested in a new way of looking at what organizations may be a good fit for you?

Check out pymetrics and play games to get hired!
pymetrics is an NYC-based startup working on making recruiting fun, effective and successful. Think LinkedIn meets OkCupid – where companies and candidates are matched for jobs, just as people are matched for dates. (But with a bit less drama.)

What is pymetricspymetrics uses a series of neuroscience games to identify and evaluate cognitive and socio-emotional traits, and give students access to a wide variety of companies looking to hire compatible profiles. Log on to play games to discover companies that are a great fit for you, and to find your ideal jobs/internships.

How to use pymetrics: Go to pymetrics.com, sign up, and complete your profile by playing 12 games! Once your profile is complete, you will receive a personalized report detailing your cognitive and emotional traits. Your profile will then connect you to a variety of companies looking to hire based on compatible fit!

About pymetrics: Dartmouth’s own Frida Polli ’94 is the Founder and CEO of pymetrics. pymetrics has received rave reviews from students struggling to find inroads with competitive companies, and has attracted partner companies including Fidelity and Anheuser-Busch who are looking for new ways to connect with students. pymetrics currently matches students for a variety of different industries and functions, and regularly add new partner companies.

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