CAREER BLITZ: International

InternationalTOPICS INCLUDE:

  1. Peace, Trade, & Development Program – July 22 – Aug. 15
  2. International Marketing Strategy Practice – TribalVision – POST-GRAD & INTERN
  3. Germany – Institute for Cultural Diplomacy – INTERNS
  4. Population Services International – Research & Metrics INTERN
  5. Brussels, Belgium – Communications Consulting Team INTERN
  6. Kenya or Senegal – Zidisha – Microfinance INTERNS
  7. Guatemala – Mercado Global – Social Enterprise INTERNS
  8. European Institute – Fall INTERNS
  9. JUNIORS – Italy – Slow Food – Fulbright Scholarship
  10. Shanghai, China – Teach English – Summer and Fall INTERNS



1. Peace, Trade, & Development Program – July 22 – Aug. 15:

Offered by the Monterey Institute of International Studies (CA) this certificate program is taught by  policy and business faculty and exposes participants to topics ranging from trade agreements and negotiations to multinationals, foreign direct investment, and international development. Training sessions will also cover trade-related environmental issues, labor standards, and the problem of money laundering via false trade invoicing. Groups will also travel to international agriculture, financial, and technology organizations on the Central Californian Coast and in the Bay area. DEADLINE:   June 1, but apply ASAP.

2. International Marketing Strategy Practice – TribalVision – POST-GRAD & INTERN (paid):

Choose between Cambridge, MA and Providence, RI offices. TribalVision focuses on small to mid-sized businesses. Your client base is international with regular travel to New-York City and occasionally to Europe (Brussels and/or Paris). Responsibilities include: Constructing high-level;  marketing materials; writing of robust marketing plans; presentation of those plans; client relationship management; strategy Implementation; project management; management of project teams.  Send resume and cover letter directly to Younes Lattenist at ( or via ( ), mentioning “International Marketing Consultant” position in cover letter.  APPLY ASAP!

3. Germany – Institute for Cultural Diplomacy – INTERNS:

ICD promotes global peace and stability by supporting intercultural relations through cultural exchange organizations. The ICD Internship Project is to enable young professionals to engage in intercultural relations and promote multiculturalism. Unpaid and lasts 3 – 6 mos.  Interns raise awareness and marketing for the program; acquire speakers and partners for the programs; execute weeklong seminars and events; event documentation – conducting Interviews, reporting and documenting ICD event; Cultural Diplomacy News – conducting Interviews, writing articles

4. Population Services International – Research & Metrics INTERN (DC):

PSI currently operates in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe. PSI has a portfolio of products and services for reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria control, child survival and safe water. PSI uses data to monitor and evaluate its programs; estimate the health impact of specific interventions; assess value for money and improve intervention cost-effectiveness; and evaluate the health of the markets PSI works to strengthen.  Support researchers to meet their Strategic Plan objectives by helping to create tools and resources for PSI’s staff worldwide. Assist with literature searches, papers, conferences, studies, reports, the monthly newsletter and various administrative tasks. Paid.

5. Brussels, Belgium – Communications Consulting Team INTERN:

CNC is an international strategic consultancy which advises large corporations, mid-cap companies, institutions and individuals on all aspects of strategic communications within their individual markets. Monitor EU institutions’ websites and EU-related press with regards to current developments on CNC’s clients and fields of activity. Contribute to the development and implementation of communications strategies and concepts. Prepare briefings and presentations on companies.

6. Kenya or Senegal – Zidisha – Microfinance INTERNS:

Client Relationship Manager internships meet with Zidisha entrepreneurs at their business locations. Country Liaison Interns may be based anywhere in the world, with flexible work hours to accommodate class or work schedules. This position is focused on managing loan transactions and providing service to Zidisha borrowers.

7. Guatemala – Mercado Global – Social Enterprise INTERNS:

1)Community-Based Curriculum Development Fellow 2) Community Outreach & Operations Intern.

Mercado empowers women in rural Guatemala by providing business development support and connecting artisan cooperatives to sales opportunities in the U.S.  The Curriculum Fellow will develop and finalize the community-based education curricula that are utilized in capacity-building workshops. The Community Outreach Intern will gain broad exposure to non-profit management and fundraising, including development operations, donor communication, grant-writing, and research.

8. European Institute – Fall INTERNS (DC):

The European Institute is the oldest multilateral partnership in the world, being the Europe and U.S.’s  most important trade and investment partner, close political and military allies, and sharing a deep commitment to the rule of law and democracy.  Internships are in the following topic areas: Programs (Defense and Homeland Security; Energy, Environment, and Transportation; Trade and Finance; Telecommunications and Space Technology)Communications (Press; European Affairs – the Institute’s public policy journal; website and blog)  DEADLINE: JULY 1

9.  JUNIORS – Italy – Slow Food – Fulbright Scholarship:

One-year Master’s degree beginning March 2015, for candidates with a special interest in the Slow Food movement and awareness of food culture and food sector issues. The grantee will be enrolled in the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Master’s in Food Culture and Communications: Food Place and Identity. The main goal of the Program (taught in English) is to provide multidisciplinary knowledge in food studies, with an emphasis on sustainability, traditional and quality food production, as well as the communication and promotion of such products.  DEADLINE:  **JULY 1 – Preliminary application is due to the Scholarship Office on campus via Kristin O’Rourke (Parker House) . For further information:

10. Shanghai, China –  Teach English – Summer and Fall INTERNS:

ULearn is seeking International Business Interns who can facilitate Chinese Nationals High School Students with their proficiency skills in English and prepare them for the nuances of admissions requirements to American colleges/universities. 6000RMB per month +housing.  Full internship description can be found in the NIC internship database in Dartboard.

**To schedule an Appointment with an Advisor, call Career Services at 646-2215

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