An Easy Way to Make a Big Impression: Skill Up!

dartmouth_libraryInterested in applying for a position that requires more skills or knowledge than you currently have? Check out our tools for skill building – then market your new knowledge in your application.

We’ve recently added a new section in the Tools file of the DartBoard Resource Library. Check out our tip sheet on tools you can use to “Explore Interests, Build Skills & Showcase What You Know.” The tip sheet includes free resources available to Dartmouth students to learn more about a range of applications and systems including Microsoft Excel (SkillsX), Bloomberg Terminal (Tuck) and

Got a question? Contact Chandlee Bryan at the Center for Professional Development.

How to Look for Internships over Break

Preparing to kick-off an internship search over Spring Break?

If it’s your first time looking for internships at Dartmouth, here’s a quick overview of Center for Professional Development resources you can use in your search.

  1. Where to Find Internship Listings: Log into DartBoard, accessible through the right-hand menu of the Center for Professional Development homepage. If you haven’t logged into DartBoard before, please follow directions on the LogIn page. To receive regular Blitz Bulletins highlighting opportunities in areas of interest, subscribe to Career Services Emails in the My Profile settings under My Account.
  2. You’ll find a list of internships employers have posted through the “Jobs & Internships” tab. Use the Advanced Search feature and select “Internship” under Position Type to find additional internship listings. If you see an internship listed in the tab under our recruiting program and would like to apply, visit the Recruiting section of our website to learn more about how our recruiting program works and about how to apply. (Note: The first deadline to apply for internships through the recruiting program is January 14, so you have plenty of time to meet with a Career Advisor after classes start if you have questions.)
  3. You can also see additional Internship listings if you search under the “More Jobs and Internships” tab in DartBoard. Be sure to check out leads from the National Internship Consortium (NIC); you’ll also find links to internship boards with government and non-profit opportunities. You can also find reviews of internships held by other Dartmouth students through the Internship Feedback Database.

Alternate sites to search by specific fields of interest can also be found on the CPD website at:  These sites have been vetted by staff members of the CPD.

Want to take a stab at putting together or refining your resume before you get back to school? Check out our all-new Resume Guide in the Resource Library of DartBoard. (You must log into DartBoard for access.)

Tips to Ace the Interview – Research, Research, Research

If you want to start a business, it’s often said that the secret is “location, location, location.” careertips13-150x150If you want to interview well, one of the best ways to prepare is to “research, research, research.”

When applying for positions, it is easy to forget that the process is always one of mutual selection: You choose where to apply, and the employer chooses a candidate to hire. Often, a key factor in the employer’s decision is the answer to a simple question: How well does the candidate understand the position and the organization?

With a small investment of time, you can equip yourself with the knowledge you need to show you’ve done your homework on the role of the position, the industry, and the organization.

Here are a few recommended resources for your research.

  1. The organization’s website. Most organizations have an “About Us” section on their website that provide a quick overview of what they do and their history. In addition “News” or “Press” sections of sites often include information about events, partnerships, or new product features. This can provide you with a sentence or two in your cover letter. You can also use this information to formulate interview questions specific to the employer.
  2. Vault Guides. Career Services subscribes to Vault, a provider of “in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work in an industry, company or profession—and how to position yourself to land that job.” You can access Vault through DartBoard‘s Resource Library. Once you log into Vault, visit the Guides in the right hand menu to see a range of resources ranging from how to handle a case interview to employer profiles and guides for careers in industries including energy, film and healthcare.
  3. Use databases available through the Dartmouth Library. From the library’s homepage, search the Library Catalog for Databases.If you are applying for a position with a nonprofit organization, use GuideStar to search for information ranging from mission and impact programs to number of employees and financial health.If you are applying for a position with a for-profit organization, check out MarketLine Advantage, you can search for companies by name and industry. Results often include news updates, history, financial reporting, and listings of senior leadership.
  4. Take notes on information you find, keeping a close eye on three areas.

    • Organizational culture: Do you have a feel for what the organization does and their general operating philosophy?
    • Fit: Do you understand the position that you’ve applied for? Can you see how your skills and experience would be a good fit for the organization?
    • Items of interest: Have you gathered any fun facts or information that you can use in an interview question — or mention to demonstrate your interest in the organization?

    You are doing well if you emerge from your research with the ability to tell a friend, professor or your grandmother what the company does, what you’d be doing if hired, and what’s exciting about the opportunity. You will also be ready to demonstrate your clear understanding of what the job is and why it is the right opportunity for you.

    Good luck!



Intern for a Community This Summer (& Score an Alumni Mentor)

Want an internship in Community Service — and an alumni mentor to boot? Apply to spend a leave term as an intern with the Dartmouth Partners in Community Service program. The deadline for Summer Term applications is April 24. (You’ve got two weeks to put your application in!)

The Dartmouth Partners in Community Service (DPCS) mission is to inspire Dartmouth students to join with Dartmouth alumni and their families in addressing problems facing our society. The DPCS program allows Dartmouth students to invest in their civic growth, personal growth and liberal education by participation in full-time, leave-term community service internships. Interns are matched with Dartmouth alumni, who serve as mentors for the interns.

For more about the DPCS program, visit the program website here.

Career Blitz: Arts


  1. Talent Scout – Axcess Talent, Inc. (Entry-Level)
  2. Program Coordinator – Virtual, Inc. (Entry-Level)
  3. Berkeley Repertory Theatre – Artistic, Administrative and Production Fellowships (POST-GRAD). DEADLINE:  April 1, 2013. 


  1. ArtSuite Intern – Winter, Spring & Summer (Upper Valley)
  2. American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) – Internship (Bethesda, MD).
  3. MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center – Arts Management Paid Internship.DEADLINE: March 15, 2013.
  4. Los Angeles-area museums and visual arts organizations: 
  5. Forza Films
  6. Studio Arts Center International Florence:
    1. Artisan Apprenticeship.
    2. Design Internship. 
    3. Museology Internship.
  7. Hire Culture



1.       Talent Scout – Axcess Talent, Inc. (Entry-Level) – Candidates would search the world for undiscovered talent for the music, film and television industry; scouting would be accomplished through a mixture of in-person and online media outlets.  Apply through LinkedIn (Job ID #4906635)
2.       Program Coordinator – Virtual, Inc. (Entry-Level) – Candidate will support the Client Services Team, focusing on member support and programs.  Apply through LinkedIn (Job ID #4915258)
3.       Berkeley Repertory Theatre – Artistic, Administrative and Production Fellowships (POST-GRAD). DEADLINE:  April 1, 2013.  Berkeley Rep provides a year-long fellowship program for serious-minded, highly motivated individuals ready to embark upon a professional theatre career. For more information:

1.       ArtSuite Intern – Winter, Spring & Summer (Upper Valley)ArtSuite brings Silicon Valley to the Upper Valley, with an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new social media marketing in and beyond the Arts world. The organization is recruiting 4 part-time interns. Wanted: Candidates with Rock Star potential who see no limits and want to redefine the very meaning of Art! Contact O’Neill Cushman at .
2.       American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE) – Internship (Bethesda, MD). The AATE internship program provides learning opportunities and on-the-job experience to college juniors/seniors, graduate students, and recent college graduates with a professional interest in arts and/or non-profit management. The summer internship will take place for 12 weeks, June through August 2013; start and end dates are negotiable. For more information:
3.       MCLA’s Berkshire Cultural Resource Center – Arts Management Paid Internship.DEADLINE: March 15, 2013. An intensive twelve-week arts management internship course structured to integrate theoretical concepts and real-world experience. B-HIP runs in Summer and it combines an internship component with a seminar in arts management, talk-backs with the area’s leading arts professionals, and full participation in cultural events throughout Berkshire County (Western Massachusetts). For more information:
4.       Los Angeles-area museums and visual arts organizations: The Getty Foundation supports more than 100 internship positions at organizations throughout Los Angeles County. Students apply directly to the participating organizations. A list of all available positions will be posted in late March 2013 – check out:
5.       Forza Films – specializes in extreme sports video, still photography, mini camera cinematography, underwater & aerial cinematography. No jobs/internships listed; but if this is something you currently engage in – contact them to see if you can contribute to one of their projects.
6.       Studio Arts Center International Florence: SACI’s mission is to provide a unique, life-enhancing study-abroad experience in the center of Florence.



A. Artisan Apprenticeship. For advanced students, highly selective Artisan Apprenticeships are possible in the following areas: Book Binding & Paper Art, Weaving, Tailoring, Leather, Jewelry, and Ceramics.  For more information and how to apply:
B. Design Internship.  For advanced design students, highly selective design internships are possible in the following areas: Architecture, Communications, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Lighting Design, and Product Design.  For more information and how to apply:
C. Museology Internship. Internships are arranged in supervised situations for museology students who seek the experience of working in a museum department in order to learn about everyday problems that occur at a contemporary museum. For more information:

7.   Hire Culture – Massachusetts Cultural Council database for Arts and related internships & jobs.  Have you searched?


The Year of the Arts at Dartmouth – when was the last time you checked out what’s happening?  Get connected:

Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment & Media (DAEMA) – have you signed up to stay connected?

Arts Career Fields on the Career Services website – check out the links for more information:

To book an appointment with a Career Advisor call:  603-646-2215


Winter, Spring, and Summer part-time, local, rewarding internships – ArtSuite

Winter, Spring, and Summer part-time, local, rewarding internships with ArtSuite

ArtSuite is a start-up with traction.  ArtSuite resides at the confluence of science, technology, and the arts.  It is developing a cutting edge social media concept, gaining significant notice in the arts.

Internship Program

ArtSuite brings Silicon Valley to the Upper Valley, with an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new social media marketing in and beyond the Arts world. The organization is recruiting 4 part-time interns.

Wanted: Candidates with Rock Star potential who see no limits and want to redefine the very meaning of Art!

Interns will focus on one or more of the areas below, depending on their interest and abilities:

  • Social media marketing/branding/outreach (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+; timed social media engagement)
  • Blogging for social media content (weekly blog entries, strategic content for focused impact)
  • Market research (market-based feature set development)
  • Assistance in presentation development

Time Commitment:  4 to 5 hours per week – some days will be more, some less.  Organization is very flexible, and willing to work with individuals to make schedules work.

To Apply:  Submit cover letter, resume, and a writing sample to:  O’Neill Cushman <>. Include your Klout Score if you have one.

Intern Stories: Amber Porter ’14 on Kennedy Center Internships


Position: Intern
Location: John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.
Date: Fall Term 2012

  1. How did you find the internship? 

    I am addicted to job and internship hunting. I saw a number of interesting internships in Chicago, but The Kennedy Center internship was particularly appealing because it offered structured professional development programs.I followed the guidelines on the website to apply. The application process was intensive and required a cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation, and a formal application.

  2. Tell us about your internship?

    The Kennedy Center hires 30 interns every semester, each of them is assigned to a different office. I worked in an office called Performing Arts for Everyone, an initiative that offers a different performance every day at 6 pm on the Kennedy’s Center Millennium Stage. All performances offered by the program are free and open to the public.I joined a small staff team of five full-time employees. We worked collaboratively on assignments. One of the primary tasks I was assigned was to work directly with visiting artists to create performance programs for each event. Once a week I ran the entire performance, working directly with the tech crew, artists, and ushers to ensure house management and stage management ran smoothly.
  3. What was most satisfying about your internship?

    My desk was outside the office of a Vice President. He would often take breaks to come outside and talk to me about his work and what we were working on. He asked me for some coaching on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – and we set up formal appointments for me to train him.He also assigned me special projects. My favorite was working on Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday commemoration concert featuring many of today’s leading American folk musicians. I got to curate sound clips from an archived interview with Guthrie from the 1930s to use in between the acts during the performance. It was fabulous to have such an active and creative role in something so important.
  4. Where did you live and how did you find housing?

    I lived in Thompson Markward Hall, an old-fashioned women’s boarding house in DC that charges $925 for a single room, breakfast and dinner every day.I learned about the boarding house from U.S. Senator Tom Udall’s office; I had interned for the Senator in his New Mexico office during high school.
  5. What are you involved in at Dartmouth?

    I am a student stage manager for the Theater Department, which takes up most of my time.  I also work for the Hopkins Center both as house manager and as a student assistant in the Director’s Office.  In addition, I am a UGA.
  6. How did you choose to major in Theater? 

    I’d initially thought I’d be a campaign manager and major in Mathematical & Social Sciences. But my randomly assigned faculty advisor was the Theater Department Chair and I was attracted by the small department and by how the students and the faculty worked together as a family. The Theater Department open house was where I realized I could use all the skills and interests that had made me interested in campaign management to delve into the realm of theater. I’d enjoyed the theater work I’d done in middle and high school and took a Stage Management class at Dartmouth that sealed the deal.

  7. Does this internship affect your future plans regarding post-graduate activity? 

    The internship helped me further refine my career goals.Before this internship, I knew I wanted to go into Arts Administration – which isn’t a field we learn about a great deal. Through my internship, I learned more about Arts Administration as an industry – and all of the different categories of work that fall under the umbrella of work in Arts Administration.Before the program, I thought I’d graduate and work in the arts in development or as an assistant until I found my way. The internship – and my classes at Dartmouth – have helped me realize that I am a very kinetic learner in that I’m aptly suited for working at hands-on projects. I now want to be a producer.

    Now that I know what I want to do, I’m conducting a lot of informational interviews – and have learned there’s not a specific path to being a Producer. I’m going to work on gaining the skills others have advised me to develop in programming and non-profit administration for starters.

    How has Dartmouth supported you in your career development?

    I visited Career Services for help with my resume and cover letter. I also worked with my theater professors to learn more about the industry, opportunities available, and arts-specific resume tips.

CAREER BLITZ: Government & Public Policy

1. Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Klindt/Dye Internship – (Apply by March 31), Washington, D.C.
2. U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management – Resource
3. U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Internship – Internships (Apply by March 10), Washington, D.C.
4. ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project – Internships (Now accepting applications), New York, NY
5. American Enterprise Institute – Internships (April 1), Washington, D.C.
6. Audubon Society – Internships (Now accepting applications), Washington, D.C.
7. Center for American Progress – Internships (Feb. 17), Washington, D.C.
8. Manhattan Institute for Policy Research – Internships (Apply by March 4), Washington, D.C.
9. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – Internships (Apply by March 4), Washington, D.C.
10. Partnership for Public Service Fellows Program – Fellowships (Apply by March 8), Washington, D.C.
11. Sierra Club – Internships (Now accepting applications), Washington, D.C.
12. The Fund for American Studies Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship – Fellowships (March 15), Washington, D.C.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Klindt/Dye Internship, Washington, D.C.
Help Democratic candidates and caucuses while gaining valuable political experience. As many as four internships are offered each summer. Some of duties will be administrative, but interns are also given substantive projects based on the interests and current office needs.

U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management – Resource
Interested in an internship or full-time job post-graduation? The government’s programs have recently changed. This fact sheet will give you an overview of how to search for Federal positions.

U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Internship – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Have an interest in law, management, and the social sciences? Gain exposure to the field of judicial administration through work in the Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice. Interns may also participate in the diverse research. Open to advanced undergraduates and graduating seniors who have interests in law, management, and social sciences

ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project – Internships, New York, NY
Learn about public policy while protecting women’s rights. Conducting factual research on issues relating to civil liberties and reproductive freedom, assist with the archiving of case files and advocacy materials, and work on other projects as assigned.

American Enterprise Institute – Internships, Washington, D.C.
The American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank, offers internships year-round for students interested in working on economic policy, foreign and defense policy, social and political studies, public relations, The American online magazine, publications editing, marketing, government relations, and communications.

Audubon Society – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Gain real-world policy experience — an inside look at Congress, hands-on work with one of the conservation community’s most extensive grassroots programs, and an intriguing exposure to the network of federal agencies in D.C. Work side-by-side with Audubon’s highly skilled lobbyists, policy advocates, and grassroots team to develop a range of lobbying, policy, and outreach skills.

Center for American Progress – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Intern for progressive public policy research and advocacy think tank. Engage with the Center’s policy experts and participate in activities including research, writing, administrative tasks, conferences and web-based projects.

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research – Internships, Washington, D.C.
A unique work experience at a right-of-center think tank with a free market perspective. Gain broad exposure to MI’s work by contributing editing, administrative, and research skills directly to various MI departments. Internships available year-round.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Work on behalf of America’s cattlemen and women in Washington, D.C. Interns work alongside NCBA’s lobbying team, regulatory experts, communications team and political action committee to ensure legislative and regulatory actions taken inside the nation’s Beltway don’t cause harm to the cattle industry.

Partnership for Public Service Fellows Program – Fellowships, Washington, D.C.
Transforming the way government works while developing professional skills through a Fellowship with the Partnership for Public Service. Fellows’ duties vary but often include event planning and execution, conducting research, writing and preparing correspondence, and conducting outreach to external partners, such as government agencies and colleges and universities.

Sierra Club – Internships, Washington, D.C.
Help Sierra Club’s legislative office monitor legislative activities and public policy decisions of environmental concern, while also educating Congress, the public, and Sierra Club members on environmental quality. Work ranges from research and preparing brief materials to writing summaries and fact sheets.

The Fund for American Studies Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship – Fellowships, Washington, D.C.
Create a brighter, more prosperous future by preparing young people for leadership and teaching them the ideas of freedom and a free-market economy. Explore current public policy issues of critical importance to the high technology sector of the economy. The Fellowship programs includes a full-time 8 week public policy internship with a high-tech company, firm or trade association, and weekly issues seminar lunches hosted by Tisdale sponsors.

Have a Disability? Want a Paid Internship at a Great Company?

The Emerging Leaders Summer Internship Program for College Students with Disabilities offers paid summer internships at many of America’s leading corporations.  These companies are members of the National Business & Disability Council ( and are proactive in recruiting qualified people with disabilities. To be considered for an internship, you must be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student with a disability, have completed at least 60 credits, and is maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA.  More information can be found on the web site at, Students, How to Apply.

The application deadline to the Emerging Leaders Summer Internship program for college students with disabilities is Friday, January 11, 2013.


  1. NCAA – 2013-14 NCAA Postgraduate Internship – DEADLINE:  Dec. 7, 2012
  2. Career Athletes – on-campus Internships
  3. Team USA – keep an eye on this site to work with the US Olympic Team.
  4. Krossover – (Entry-Level) sports content, analytics and technology 
  5. Impact Basketball – Sport Business Internship.
  6. Major League Ball (MLB) – Public Relations Winter/Spring Intern (NYC based)
  7. Dartmouth College Sports – Varsity Communications Intern
  8. Strategic Communicators for College Athletics (CoSIDA) – Postgraduate opportunities
  9. Graduate School? –  check out the list of possible programs.
  10. National Football League (NFL) – Timing is everything! So plan ahead! Post-Grad Rotational Program and Summer Internships.


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)DEADLINE TO APPLY – DEC. 7, 2012
2013-2014 Postgraduate Internship.

Career Athletes  – on-campus internships for out-of-season athletes.

Team USA – keep an eye on this site to work with the US Olympic Team.

Krossover – a NYC-based sports technology company that has developed a great business breaking down game film for coaches at all levels.

Impact Basketball – Sport Business Internship.  Successful intern will be involved with marketing material, social media outreach, and client/customer feedback.

Major League Ball (MLB) – Public Relations Winter/Spring Intern (NYC based). Applicant must be available January through May!

Dartmouth College Sports – Varsity Communications Intern (Jan 1 through June 30, 2012)

Strategic Communicators for College Athletics (CoSIDA) – Postgraduate opportunities with varying levels of experience.  Be careful to check dates:

Is Graduate School in your plans?  Check out the following list of graduate programs available in the Sports field:

National Football League (NFL) – Timing is everything! So plan ahead for whichever opportunity fits into your D-plan! Post-Grad Rotational Program and Summer Internships: