Learn to Master Microsoft Excel: Week 16 Excel Hacks!

Welcome to the final Excel Hack of the Week!

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used program for data and numerical analysis. It is used in every industry and all areas of academic study. Learn to master this powerful tool with online instruction brought to you by skillsX and the Dartmouth Center for Professional Development.

The Excel Hacks of the Week are select clips from the skillsX video library* demonstrating Excel’s most useful and powerful capabilities. Each week the CPD will send out two videos, one geared toward beginners and one geared toward more experienced users. Here are the videos for week 16.

Rookie: How can Excel make my life easier?

Week 16: Modifying Cell Styles http://www.skillsx.com/topic/x101-119/

Experienced: How can I do more, faster and more efficiently with Excel?

Week 16: MID Function http://www.skillsx.com/topic/x111-113/

The full array of videos can be found at www.skillsX.com, where you are welcome to register free of charge. Don’t see a tutorial on a task you are trying to do? Just leave a comment on the Speak Up! page (see top menu) and we’ll add it. New videos every week!

*skillsX Video Library http://www.skillsx.com/reference/video-library/*

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