Schuyler Evans ’10 & Molly Hallam ’09: DAEMA (Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment & Media)

Interested in the Arts & Entertainment Industry?  Connect with DAEMA (Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment and Media Association).  Below are two of the alumni involved with this organization.

Schuyler Evans ’10 – President DAEMA

Motion Picture & Television Literary Manager


Schuyler Evans is a motion picture and television literary manager based in Los Angeles. He heads up the emerging talent program at Scenario where he guides the careers of writers, directors, and creative producers. He began his work in radio with Dartmouth Broadcasting while a student. After several years in commercial radio where he worked in management and sales as well as an on-air personality, Schuyler started at Scenario as an intern, working his way up to assistant, then manager in record time.  A graduate of Dartmouth College, he serves as the President of Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment & Media Association.  He grew up in Los Angeles, inspired from an early age by his grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ careers in the movie industry both in front of and behind the camera.


Molly Hallam ’09 – VP of Jobs & Internships for DAEMA

Production Coordinator, 26 DB Productions


Molly Hallam currently runs the Los Angeles branch of French filmmaker Dany Boon’s production company. Previously she has worked in foreign film sales as well as commercial production. She also co-produced a short documentary THE GASKETTES, which won its category at the 2012 LA Film and Script Festival. Hailing from Jacksonville FL, she graduated Dartmouth College in 2009 with a B.A. in French and Psychology. As an alumna, she serves as VP of Jobs and Internships for the Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment & Media Association. Her focus is to help new graduates navigate the transition from Hanover to Hollywood and break into the entertainment industry.


DAEMA website:

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DAEMA also has a LinkedIn Group; look them up when your profile is completed to your satisfaction.

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