Olga Gruss Lewin Post-Graduate Fellowship – DEADLINE: 4/4/12

William Jewett Tucker Foundation

The Olga Gruss Lewin Post-Graduate Fellowship supports graduates who have proven leadership in the Dartmouth community and who are pursuing significant acts of citizenship and service to others. Fellowships are 10-12 months full-time in the U.S. OR abroad working with non-profit organizations on innovative projects directly serving the community. Up to $15,000 in funding is available.


Application deadline: April 4th, 2012

Answers to FAQs:

  • The fellowship is available to graduating seniors, with a fellowship starting within 3 months immediately following their graduation from Dartmouth College.
  • The fellowship placement must be with a non-profit organization and involve at a minimum forty hours of work per week.  Direct community service with under-resourced communities, humanitarian relief work, and field-based initiatives that help alleviate poverty should be the main focus of the Lewin projects.  Agencies to which you apply must be non-profit and politically non-partisan.  Fellows may not function as lobbyists.Some service-oriented governmental agencies are acceptable.
  •  The service project must have clearly written goals and outcomes–the service project goals are realistic, measurable and can be reached in the amount of time allotted for the project.
  •  The service project should involve approximately 60% community service as the primary focus of the post-graduate fellowship and can additionally include responsibilities under the direction of the CSO/NGO in: research, public policy, strategic planning, CSO/NGO capacity building, and/or administrative functions.
  •  The graduate must demonstrate how the service project will be a significant new learning experience.
  •  The service project should have proven added value to the organization; the applicant must demonstrate that he/she will be fully engaged in meaningful work for the organization.
  •  The service project should be innovative, timely or unique in its focus. The applicant must demonstrate how they can add value to the service project with applied skills and perspectives that are needed by the organization.
  •  The applicant must express a clear appreciation for diverse points of view and can articulate a contemporary community service philosophy.
  •  The applicant’s prior academic focus, future goals, and personal goals should connect to this intended service project in an intentional way.
  •  The applicant’s communicated goals and values should be congruent with the mission and focus of the Community Services Organization/Non-profit Organization.
  •  The service project and applicant’s motivation should help the applicant gain field experience with an under-resourced community, providing an opportunity that would be hard to acquire without support of this fellowship.
  •  The awardee agrees to supply a 10-15 page reflection report, engage in a telephone debriefing with a Tucker Foundation staff member and attend at least one “reunion” of Olga Gruss Lewin Fellows at Dartmouth (most expenses paid).


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