Ready. Set. Go! Sweet Sixteen Challenge

Sweet 16 Summer Challenge


The Center for Professional Development (CPD) wants to challenge the ’16s on campus to develop life-long job-seeking skills and information this summer.  In order to do so, a student will:

  • Accept the Challenge under your DartBoard Profile
  • Complete 3 eligible programs offered through the CPD (Look for S16S beside the program title)
  • Network with parents & alumni; learn valuable skills; work towards an internship.
  • Show off your accomplishment with a Digital Badge once all is completed.

To participate:

  • Log into DartBoard to sign up for programs designated with (S16S)
  • Attend at least 3 of the programs offered; feel free to sign up for more!

Programs include:

  • Internship Ramp Bootcamp
  • Speed Networking
  • Recruiting Tutorial
  • The Many Face of Law
  • 6 Tips for 16s: Become an Expert Networker
  • Cracking the Case Interview
  • Crush Your Interviews

For more information, log into DartBoard.  Dare to Be Different!

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