Hey ’13s: Want a Job? Submit Resume Now for All Ivy+ Career Fair Leads!

All Ivy+ Career Fair Next Week!

The undergraduate and graduate alumni clubs in Colorado representing the Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT have come together to organize and host a career fair with 25+ employers from diverse industries.

The event will be held next Tuesday, October 9 in Denver but we don’t expect you to attend. Employers will be hiring for local, national, and global positions…

Dartmouth seniors are invited to submit a resume for a resume book that will be given to employers.  For full details on how to submit your resume via e-mail  for the resume book if you’re a senior, register here. There is no fee to participate if you are just dropping your resume.

Note: To make things easy for the Career Fair committee, send your resume as follows

  1. Title Your Email  “Dartmouth ’13 Resume for Resume Book”
  2. Upload your resume in a Microsoft Word or PDF format with a clear title: FirstName_Last_Name_Resume_Dartmouth
  3. Provide a phone number in your message and sign off with a thank you!