Top 20 Cities with the happiest young professionals

If you are searching for a career and prioritize happiness, big cities such as New York or Chicago aren’t necessarily your best bets. So what factors actually make young professionals happiest in their careers? A high salary? Not quite.

It turns out, according to a survey by online career site CareerBliss, that many other factors figure strongly into the equation for workplace happiness, which interestingly appears to be predictable by job location. Although Pittsburg, PA and Irving, TX are probably not the first cities that come to mind when considering where you may be happiest, they rank among the top 20 cities with the densest population of happy young professionals.

CareerBliss identified and measured 10 influential determinants of overall workplace happiness, including company culture, overall work environment, compensation, and opportunity for growth. The results? Los Angeles, San Jose, and Sunnyvale, California topped the list of cities with the happiest young professionals. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Dallas suburb Irving, Texas topped New York (#17)

One note: It is important to notice that young professionals in many higher-ranking cities are less generously compensated than those in many lower-ranking cities, as factors such as company culture were rated higher in determining happiness than was salary. Given that some cities are more expensive than others, we also recommend taking cost of living into consideration.

Bottom line: You may want to take a look at these places and expand your list of potential places to live!

Kick-start the process by checking out this review to better understand where others have found their happiness and what has influenced it. Then, consider consulting with a career services advisor to discuss and reflect on how to weigh these factors when searching for your own job.