Not Finding Success Where You Want It? Lessons from the Creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog

Even if you sprint to make deadlines, the process of applying for internships, jobs, and grad schools is generally a marathon rather than a one-time event.

At Career Services we’re especially reminded of this in the fall term — as sophomores and juniors apply for winter internships and seniors start to apply for full-time jobs. Given that not all organizations offer internships that align with the D-Plan, and many employers can’t anticipate how many new graduates they will need nine months before graduation — the process of applying for jobs can be highly competitive and you may find yourselves getting more rejection letters than anticipated before you get to yes.

With that in mind, we share this gem from Jay Forte that addresses how we can avoid losing hope when things don’t go our way by reframing situations.  Read up to learn about the many disappointments faced by Norman Bridwell, the author and creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog and how he turned a strength he didn’t know he had into his career. Do you see any take-aways you can apply as you think about your own career?

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