Winter, Spring, and Summer part-time, local, rewarding internships – ArtSuite

Winter, Spring, and Summer part-time, local, rewarding internships with ArtSuite

ArtSuite is a start-up with traction.  ArtSuite resides at the confluence of science, technology, and the arts.  It is developing a cutting edge social media concept, gaining significant notice in the arts.

Internship Program

ArtSuite brings Silicon Valley to the Upper Valley, with an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new social media marketing in and beyond the Arts world. The organization is recruiting 4 part-time interns.

Wanted: Candidates with Rock Star potential who see no limits and want to redefine the very meaning of Art!

Interns will focus on one or more of the areas below, depending on their interest and abilities:

  • Social media marketing/branding/outreach (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+; timed social media engagement)
  • Blogging for social media content (weekly blog entries, strategic content for focused impact)
  • Market research (market-based feature set development)
  • Assistance in presentation development

Time Commitment:  4 to 5 hours per week – some days will be more, some less.  Organization is very flexible, and willing to work with individuals to make schedules work.

To Apply:  Submit cover letter, resume, and a writing sample to:  O’Neill Cushman <>. Include your Klout Score if you have one.

Avoid these mistakes during the job search process

Check out Miriam Salpeter’s 10 Scary Mistakes Job Seekers Make for
10 things to absolutely avoid during the job search process. Especially relevant is Salpeter’s 8th point, which cautions job seekers from shying away from tapping into social media.

Having revolutionized the job search process, social media has narrowed the gap between job hunters and employers and is thus can be used as another vehicle for demonstrating what you have to offer.

A great first step is to create a LinkedIn account. With over 175 million users, LinkedIn serves as an excellent resource for researching companies, locating job postings, and structuring your personal brand around your skills and experiences that will draw recruiters to your profile. It is also a great resource for reviewing the resumes and profiles of either your interviewer or of others in the specific industry.  Just use the “Search” or “Company Profiles” feature to find others.

Studying how others have progressed in their careers and have ended up in your desired industry is not only a potential conversation starter but is extremely beneficial in positioning yourself for the job. Also, consider searching through the Dartmouth College Alumni Group on LinkedIn, which would allow you to view thousands of alumni who have opted to add themselves into this network. The power of engaging with and participating in these peer and alumni networks and affiliations is that those who join do so of their own volition and are therefore much more likely to be receptive to your questions.

Social Media Intern – Tarte Cosmetics (Spring)

Social Media Internship Job Description

tarte cosmetics, an eco-friendly beauty brand, is looking for a social media intern for the Spring 2012 term.

This  social media internship is a great opportunity to learn the inner workings of a beauty brand whose unique combination of natural ingredients, easy-to-use products, and fashion-forward packaging deliver professional results to the everyday woman.

tarte is looking for someone who is personable and professional as well as driven and energetic to contribute to their social media management through hands-on blogging and social experience. This is a non-paid position, there will be a lot of writing involved.

The ideal candidate is…

  • An innovative and creative self-starter who is comfortable with all major social media platforms
  • A resourceful and organized independent thinker who is able to create interesting, unique, and well written content
  • An avid learner
  • A beauty and pop culture obsessed social media maven!

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist with managing tarte’s presence on social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the tarte talk blog
  • Monitor activity across various social media platforms and compile analytics
  • Brainstorm blogs, tweets, and social packages and programs
  • Conduct research related to new media, social marketing strategy, and the competitive landscape

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Excellent communications skills
  • Strong understanding of social media and socialnetworking
  • Prior blogging experience
  • Strong interest in the beauty industry
  • Knowledge of HTML or web design BIG pluses!

The office is located directly in the fashion district and offers great learning opportunities.

Please send resume and blogging samples to


Career Tip: Create A Career-Research Feed!

Career Tip: Create A Career-Research Feed!

By Jesse Wingate, Assistant Director, Dartmouth College Career Services

Are you thinking about what you’re going to do for that off-term or considering what comes next in June? Consider creating a career-research feed!

One thing that we frequently hear from employers is that the candidate has fantastic experience on their résumé, but they haven’t taken the time to  learn about the organization and how it is different from competitors. This can be remedied by keeping tabs on the organizations that are of interest, and referencing recent news or big changes in an organization in your cover letter. In addition, it’s a great way to prepare yourself for a position that is not yet available. That way when your dream job gets posted, you’re fully prepared to draft a tailored cover letter for that position and organization.

While you’re home on break, take the time to create your own Career-Research Feed using your preferred social networking platform (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.).

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • If you use iGoogle as your homepage, research your organization to see if they have a blog or RSS feed capability and then navigate to “add gadgets” when logged into your iGoogle page and add the URL to their feed. Also, consider Google Reader to categorize multiple industry feeds.
  • If you use Twitter, search organizations of interest and create a list to categorize the employer tweets. If you don’t use Twitter, consider opening an account for the purpose of following what organizations are doing.
  • Search to see if organizations of interest have a Facebook fan page. If they do, like them and make sure that their posts show up in your Facebook NewsFeed.
  • If you are already following organizations through Facebook, Twitter, or through iGoogle and Google Reader, consider opening a account. Storify aggregates your favorite feeds into one easy to read newspaper-type format.
  • We, in Career Services, like to believe that this tip need not be said, but, just in case, you should also make a plan to visit us! We can show you other ways to follow and learn about organizations of interest. In addition, we also have our own Facebook page, industry-specific RSS feeds, and website with updated information!


Career Tip: When should I post my status? When should I not post my status?

With the advent of multiple forms of social media, everyone’s status can become great reading material.  BUT, do you want it to be?

  •  Do you want your potential boss reading it?
  • Is it strictly personal?
  • Is it strictly business?
  • Would it be awkward to explain to your parents? Or grandparents?

 Be very careful of what you post as a status.  See the flowchart to put it all in perspective.