Tips for the Transition going from Student to Staff: #MentorMonday

This is the fourth in a five part series that provides a tip about the transition from college student to full time employee.

Having a mentor is like having a more mature and experienced version of your conscious telling you what does and doesn’t work well in a particular industry or career.

Finding an office mentor is critical! You are going through an incredible amount of change and development during this time and it is important to find someone that you can look up to in the career field.

Have a boss that you admire? See if they will take you under their wing. Have a co-worker that does some amazing work? Schedule a lunch or dinner with them.

A job isn’t just a place to meet people and do work, it is a space of learning and growth. Find someone that you look up to and can get pointers and tips from as you grow in the position. Friendship and admiration can go a long way!

In admiration,

Jennifer McGrew ’13





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