Want to Work in Entertainment/Media? Alumni Mentoring Program…Apply by 12/14

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Are you interested in becoming a professional in the Entertainment/Media industry? Would you like to make connections with experienced professionals who can answer questions you have about their work, experience, and advice for your future? Have you demonstrated your interest in film or television through your classes, activities, and/or off terms? If so, the Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment and Media Association (DAEMA) Mentorship Program might be just what you’re looking for!

As we all know, making connections with alumni in your chosen professional field is one of the best ways to quickly launch a career. The DAEMA Mentorship Program was founded in 2009 to facilitate opportunities for students to connect with alumni working in the media and entertainment industry. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from their mentors’ vast body of knowledge accrued from many years of experience. Mentorships run for 6 months, beginning in January 2014.
If you think you display the hard work and dedication needed to grow and succeed in the entertainment industry and allied industries, visit http://dartmouthentertainment.org/jobs.html for more information and to get an application. Act now! The deadline for applications is December 14th, 2013. Feel free to email mentorships@dartmouthentertainment.com with any questions!

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