Hello hello! Along with starting our second week of practices for the season, we are so excited to also begin introducing non-leadership members of our team in our SotW corner!!! For this week’s post, please give a virtual drumroll for…LIBBY DECKER!

Libby hails from a sunny state (no, not California) and has an equally sunny personality. She has an unfortunate tendency to get sick and hurt sometimes, but she never lets that stop her from being excited about life and Club Swim. So excited to see her back in the pool this term!

Name: Libby Decker

Major: History
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Class year: 2020
Age: 19

Hobbies: improving my water pong game
Favorite season: fall because it is craziness and leaves change color here (wow!)
If I had a million dollars: I would buy club swim cool patagonias and spend the rest on kaf

Favorite Dartmouth memory: Homecoming
Favorite Club Swim memory: Josh running around the entire pool in his blow up dinosaur costume at Ivies

Goal for the coming year: not breathe on my first stroke and find a favorite club swim 21!!!!!