Welcome to the seventh edition of Club Swim’s Swimmer of the Week! We’re happy to be able to introduce another ’20, Jack Burgess this week! Jack is always extremely busy and almost always has somewhere to go, but he still makes room for Club Swim in his schedule and in his heart. Check out this smiley guy and some fun facts about him below!

Name: Jack Burgess

Major(s): Computer science modified with neuroscience
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Class year: ‘20
Age and/or birthday: 19

Hobbies: Watching SciShow on YouTube
Favorite movie: The Imitation Game and anything from Studio Ghibli
Favorite season (e.g. fall, spring, summer, winter): Spring
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Found a research start-up

Favorite Dartmouth memory (thus far): Finding Orozco’s test panel in the library but getting kicked out because I wasn’t supposed to be there
Favorite Club Swim memory: Ivies club swim meet!
Goal for this coming year: Break my 50 fly time from this past Spring