Finals have finally ended, and most of us are probably snuggled up at home, enjoying hot cocoa and Netflix (or perhaps studying as I am, haha)! To add that relaxed mood, I’d like to introduce our first freshman (Class of 2021) swimmer spotlight of the year! Everyone, please welcome Hamza Kasumba!! It’s been so exciting to see Hamza at practices and enjoying time in the pool with us, and we’re excited to see where he goes with his Dartmouth career! Read on to learn more about him!!

Name: Hamza Kasumba

Major(s): Studio Art and/or Engineering (to be determined)
Hometown: Nairobi
Class year: 2021
Age and/or birthday: 19
Hobbies: swimming (duh), a bit of art, binge – watching Netflix and Game of Thrones
Favorite movie: There are so many. Don’t make me choose.
Favorite genre: Adventure
Favorite season (e.g. fall, spring, summer, winter): It’s always summer in Nairobi 🙂
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Invest, because I adult sometimes
Favorite Dartmouth memory (thus far): Trips! (I was on Adventure Quest)
Favorite Club Swim memory: I’m still trying to make some. Check back next term!
Goal for this coming year: Study abroad