Hello hello! Welcome back to 18W to the team, and a Happy New Year’s to both students and alums/parents!!

We’re excited to get back in the pool tonight, and also excited to kick off our first Swimmer of the Week spotlight for this new term! Everyone, say hello to Evan Barton! We missed him in the fall, but he’s back and ready to go in the pool! Read on to learn more about this crazy fast swimmer! (Although a little to the coaches’ chagrin, Evan can bust out incredible times sometimes even without practice, haha!)

Name: Evan Barton

Majors: Biological Chemistry and Native American Studies
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Class year: 2020
Age and or birthday: 20 years old and November 3, 1997
Hobbies: Swimming, playing video games, watching Youtube videos, Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite Movie: Digimon: The Movie and Any Horror Movie (Weird right? lol)
Favorite season: Fall hands down
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Start a college fund for my future children.
Favorite Dartmouth memory: Ivy Native Conference last Spring at Princeton. 
Favorite Club Swim Memory: The Harvard meet last Spring!
Goals for this coming year: Be a better friend, brother, son, student to the people I love.