Hello loyal followers of Dartmouth Club Swim! I’m Libby, I’m a ’20, and new to leadership. For some reason, it seems like everyone is off this term. Why, you might ask. Well, Hanover winters are known to be a little chilly at times, like your hair freezes after practice kind of chilly, so many of us take the opportunity to get out of town, go on a foreign study program, do an internship or research. And though we may not feel like we’re missing out on the blizzards for dayz, the FOMO on Club Swim is

Winnie, my brother’s dog!!


I am currently on my off term back home in Phoenix where I have been enjoying the sunshine by attending swim practices in an outside pool (wow!) and working as a legal intern (exciting!). In my free time, I like to hang out with my brother and his cute puppy and have also been getting back into dance. Until college, I was a competitive Irish dancer (not a swimmer) and since I’ve been back home, I’ve been dancing and teaching dance classes. And as good as life is spending the weekends lounging outside by the pool, I couldn’t stay away from Dartmouth for too long.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting campus for Winter Carnival and got to hang with the team at our social event on Friday night despite my RSVPing to Kimmy 30 minutes before. When I texted her asking if I could come, she replied “YES OMG COME I LOVE YOUUU.” At Kimmy’s apartment, I received that same enthusiastic welcome from my teammates as we shared an amazing meal cooked by Kimmy and assisted by Rachel and Max. After dinner came the entertainment. In true Club Swim spirit, we integrated a few make-your-own cards inspired by best Club Swim memories into a game of Cards Against Humanity (I won the majority of rounds) and played Hot Seat with our lovely freshman. Later, I introduced some of the upperclassman to the wholesome Christmas tunes by A Trappy Christmas, which Michael found especially funny (check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-MORJmvvQw).

When people asked me what I have been up to during my off term, I mostly bragged about enjoying the 24/7 sunshine. And though I have been getting my share of Vitamin D, I am missing out on that love from my Club Swim family. And what do you know? I’m back in Phoenix now and it’s been cloudy and rainy this week! As great as this time off has been for some relaxation and professional development, I’m excited about being back on campus in the spring. I am most looking forward to Ivy Champs weekend and dinners at the Hop with you all!

Love love,