Hi team! This blog post is from our newly retired team captain Khoa Tran! It’s breaking away from the pattern thus far of full on prose, but enjoy! (He wrote this about something else; I promise it’s not implying anything about Club Swim!!!!)

Voyage into the Smoke

I stand here watching my daydreams,
Drain from my quartet around me,
My wooden neck and casting away my wings.
I thought I could fly and talk to God,
But God had determined me too small.
Or perhaps too large to march among the sky,
Leaving me to cry along with the clouds.
But even now, I don’t belong in the clouds
As they cast me out from heaven.

You screamed revolution for our people who have none.
The dawning of our lives was a false promise.
The color fades to nothingness due to jealous torture.
My hope is withering into dust,
My snow returning as ashes into the ground,
My flower blooming into a beautiful death,
My love shedding into a ghost,
My beautiful sunshine drowning in the distance.
I take her hand and I feel nothing in my palms.
How can I bear to look at her,
Who shines the gaze that I once knew?
And then she said she couldn’t believe,
In my brokenness.