Welcome back to 18S! The first SOTW this term is our vice president and Zumba leader, Che! He’s a smiling and gentle presence on our team, is the only person (besides Kimmy) willing to swim 500s, and you can always catch him eating Hop burger specials. Read on to get to know a little more about him!

Name: Che Esch

Major(s): Engs Major, Anth Minor
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Class Year: ’20
Age and/or birthday: 20 (March 9th, 1998)
Hobbies: Swimming! also film
Favorite movie: Interstellar
Favorite season: Spring
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Save a good chunk and use the rest to travel.
Favorite Dartmouth memory (thus far): Running around the bonfire – many fellow Club Swimmers were there, and it was a fun time all around. An added plus: 30+ people touched the fire my year (which I believe was the reason the fence was introduced), so there was no shortage of excitement.
Favorite Club Swim memory: Ivies 17S (read: the afterparty). There really isn’t another meet where people get as totally invested in practice, and then completely leave it all behind once the meet is over, as for Ivies. It was the perfect mix of team spirit, fun, and mild public disturbance.
Goal for this coming year: Drop time on my 500, and hopefully get to the ocean at some point to do some (very light) open water swimming!