Hey everyone!  It’s your favorite webmasters here, Jason and Adele, and we’re so excited to tell you all about 19F and what a great time we all had in the pool together!

First and foremost, we were so excited to meet so many amazing ’23s this fall! We love having you on the team and we can’t wait to get to know you even better this winter! We also loved seeing so many familiar faces back again this season, and we’re so excited for the future of the club swim community.   Here’s our updated roster for the 19F season (with the names of our new members in bold):

Matt Bough ’19

Dimitar ’19

Che Esch ’20

Max Orman-Kollmar ’20

Libby Decker ’20

Teddy Einsidler ’20

Jack Burgess ’20

Isabella Burgess ’20

Margaret Hubble ’21

Cam Wright ’21

Themis Haris ’21

Malcolm Hanchet ’22

Connor Page ’22

Jason McFadden ’22

Adele Harshbarger ’22

Ray Crist ’22

Akash Seetohul ’22

Darren Colby ’22

Ethan Aulwes ’22

Dylan Davis ’22

Alexandra Bramsen ’22

Dante LaRocco ’22

Reva Dixit ’22

Victoria Xu ’22

Sade Francis ’23

Abbi Fischer ’23

Fiona Price ’23

Rae Docherty ’23

Tim Cui ’23

Will Glovsky ’23

Nate Roe ’23

Tate McDowell ’23

Avi Dixit ’23

Madison Davis ’23

Makayla Dixon ’23

Catriona Farquharson ’23

Katherine Lasonde ’23

Sarah McWhirtier ’23

Gretchen Carpenter ’23

Ali Safieddine ’23

Tara Pillai ’23

Deedee Hernandez ’23

Hannah Brookes ’23

Autumn Dinh ’23

Amanda Chen ’23


We had a great time at the 2019 Harvard Club Swim Invitational, where we placed 6th out of 9 teams!!!  Check the results section to see how everyone placed.  A couple of highlights included:

Nate Roe – 5th place, 100 Back

Fiona Price – 4th place, 100 Fly

Ethan Cai – 1st place, 100 Fly

Molly Rudman – 4th place, 50 Back

Connor Page – 3rd place, 50 Back



Thank you all for a great season!  We hope everyone enjoys their winterim, and we will see you all in January!




Jason ’22 and Adele ’22

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Dartmouth Club Swimming