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Blog Post #1!!!

Helloooo team, alumni, parents! We are starting our first ever blog post series, to continue sharing a more personal side of the team and leadership through a snippet of our regular/every day lives! Our first blog post is from Max Orman-Kollmar, who is off this term but is rearing to come back for Winter Carnival (?) and spring term!!

On a winter day long since passed, I heard many of my friends parrot the same complaint: “7 am drill is soooo baaaad!” Well, guess what, boys and girls: I can do you one better!

Being off both winterim and winter term has left me with plenty of time to fill. I have since done so by laying pipe- no, you degenerates, thats not an innuendo. I am currently working for a plumbing company and am on various sites installing water lines, learning how to use various power tools and just overall working on becoming the world’s premiere Mario cosplayer. Since I’ve gotta be on the site in downtown Manhattan (or Queens for my first site), I have to be up around 4:30 in the morning. The cold air, compounded with wind chill, made the Queens site unbearable as it had NO WINDOWS. Imagine handling cold metal rods and trying to tighten tiny screws, all while hoping that you’re fingers are just stiff and not legit frozen solid. Continue reading

Swimmer of the Week! #11

Hello hello! Welcome back to 18W to the team, and a Happy New Year’s to both students and alums/parents!!

We’re excited to get back in the pool tonight, and also excited to kick off our first Swimmer of the Week spotlight for this new term! Everyone, say hello to Evan Barton! We missed him in the fall, but he’s back and ready to go in the pool! Read on to learn more about this crazy fast swimmer! (Although a little to the coaches’ chagrin, Evan can bust out incredible times sometimes even without practice, haha!)

Name: Evan Barton Continue reading

Winter season about to begin!

Yeah, yeah I know what you’re about to say – winter’s been in season since November! But Club Swim is about to pop back in the pool and begin our season after about 6 weeks of being fish out of the water!

For any new potential members, there is an info session that will be happening at 6pm in the gym lobby TOMORROW, Monday, January 8th! Look for leadership and anyone wearing Club Swim apparel!

Following that, at 6:30pm in the Karl Michael pool in the gym basement, we will kick off our first open practice (of the week of open practices)! Come by and try Club Swim out even if you can’t make the info session, but do try to fill out the insurance waiver beforehand. If you can’t though, also no worries, it’ll just be an extra 5 minutes or so of filling it out on the pool deck via a laptop!

See everyone soon!

Club Swim Leadership <3

Swimmer of the Week! #8

A huge shoutout to everyone who swam last week at Northeastern!! We had a blast competing and in the car rides to-and-from Boston! Keep an eye out for the results on our meet results page~

This week is a spotlight for our almighty social chair, Campbell Field!! She has been an incredibly crucial person for our team bonding events and has an unending flow of energy, enthusiasm, and love for the team! Thanks so much to her for everything she has done thus far, and a happy happy birthday to the newly-turned 22 year old! <3

Name: Campbell Field

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Swimmer of the Week! #7

Welcome to the seventh edition of Club Swim’s Swimmer of the Week! We’re happy to be able to introduce another ’20, Jack Burgess this week! Jack is always extremely busy and almost always has somewhere to go, but he still makes room for Club Swim in his schedule and in his heart. Check out this smiley guy and some fun facts about him below!

Name: Jack Burgess
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Swimmer of the Week! #6

We just got back from our annual fall Gilman retreat!! Pictures will be up on this site and our Instagram soon, so stay tuned for lots of smiley photos!

And to kick off Week 4 of term (HOMECOMING WEEK AHHHH!), we are happy to highlight the achievements and bright cheerfulness of our treasurer and apparel chair, Sarah Miller! She’s been a crucial part of the swag that our team is known for across campus, and we are so grateful to have her organization and commitment to making us look good! 😉 Read on to get to know the girl who makes our Club Swim gear all come together!

Name: Sarah Miller Continue reading

Swimmer of the Week! #5

Hello hello! Along with starting our second week of practices for the season, we are so excited to also begin introducing non-leadership members of our team in our SotW corner!!! For this week’s post, please give a virtual drumroll for…LIBBY DECKER!

Libby hails from a sunny state (no, not California) and has an equally sunny personality. She has an unfortunate tendency to get sick and hurt sometimes, but she never lets that stop her from being excited about life and Club Swim. So excited to see her back in the pool this term!

Name: Libby Decker Continue reading

Swimmer/Coach of the Week! #4

Today was Club Swim’s first open practice! For this week’s SotW, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the architect of that practice: our beloved coach and teammate, Kimberly Ma!

After two terms adrift, club swim has finally returned to a state of normalcy in the wake of Kimmy’s long awaited return from her time abroad in Japan! Caring, disciplined, and flawlessly organized, Kimmy is more responsible than anyone for the team’s success in the pool and is a key part of its warm community. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing person and swimmer behind our top-notch practices!

Name: Kimberly (Kimmy) Ma

Continue reading

Swimmer of the Week! #3

Still going strong with our SotW lineup, amongst the craziness of a new term, new classes, and lots of bustling 21s (i.e. potential new members!!)!

Say hello to Thuy-Vy, one of our social chairs and also the in-charge of the Dartmouth Club Swim Instagram account! She’s bubbly (and cheeky) and loves to have fun and explore down all sorts of side-streets (refer below to her favorite club swim memory, haha). Take a look to get to know this lovely gal a bit better!

Name: Thuy-Vy Nguyen


WELCOME 21s to the Big Green, and welcome home to the returning upperclassmen!!

Leadership had so much fun seeing everyone on the Green yesterday (as you can see by our very big smiles), and we are even more excited to actually get going for our 2017-2018 season!

That being said, everyone is welcome and all are encouraged to attend our Club Swim general INFO SESSION this coming Saturday!! It will be in Collis 101, 5-6pm! Look for people with the Club Swim apparel, or take a look at the Leadership page in case you want a familiar face to look for! 🙂

See everyone there!!

Club Swim Leadership <3

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