The Club Swim Team usually practices four days a week for an hour and a half in Spaulding Pool.

Karl Michael Pool is located in Alumni Gym, where there are also locker rooms for convenient use.

You can find the practice schedule for 18W here!


  1. How hard are the practices?
    • Each session consists of usually 3 groups; swimmers have full freedom to choose the difficulty that they feel fits their purposes best.
    • The coach is in charge of writing the practices, and there will be 3 slightly different/adjusted practices for each of the groups.
    • The practices are designed to make you work and learn from the experience, but of course, adjustments will be immediately made if the difficulty is too high or if you have an injury.
  2. I can’t make the required three practices; what do I do?
    • As Dartmouth Club Swim is entirely run by students, we of course understand the busy schedules that many Dartmouth students must juggle.
    • If you can’t make one of your expected 3 practices, please let one of the Leadership members (preferably, the coach) know via blitz, text, or GroupMe. That’s all!
  3. What do practices consist of?
    • The practices cover a broad range of swimming, including everything from pacing for a 500 freestyle or 400 I.M. to a pure-sprint 50 freestyle set, relays, kicking with kickboards, pulling, and competitive starts/turns.
    • However, while many of the practices will have interval-based sets, some of the days will be set aside to examine foundational technique for all 4 of the strokes.
    • The coach will get in the water if necessary to help demonstrate and teach the technique, so please do not be afraid to come to Club Swim even if you cannot swim all 4 strokes! We will guide you through the process of learning!
    • For strength training, sometimes we incorporate weight-bearing exercises during dryland sessions to build muscles to help with the pool time.
  4. What should I bring to practice?
    • Cap, goggles, swimsuit, towel, toiletries, and a great attitude!
    • The biggest thing Leadership hopes to see from the team is bonding and long-lasting friendships!

We work hard at practices, but also like to have fun. One day during 14S, we had a friendly flip-turn elimination competition – congratulations to Peter, who came out victorious!


A team cheer to end our first practice of the term! Everyone, hands in!