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If you are interested in joining the Dartmouth Club Swim Team, you should definitely check it out; there is a place for EVERYONE at our practices, whether you barely passed the swim test or are an Olympic hopeful!!

We do collect dues at the beginning of the term – $25 for the term or $50 for the entire year. These dues go towards team caps, lifeguard wages, social events, meet entry fees, and more. If this fee is prohibitive, do not worry about it! We have financial aid available.

What is Club Swim like?

Club Swim is full of swimmers of all varieties and skill levels. We have practices several times during the week, and usually get dinner together after practice (this is optional!). We usually have several social events for team members during the term. We also have meets — usually once per term. One of our biggest events is Ivies, when we go to Harvard for the weekend to compete against other club swim teams in the Ivy League (and other colleges); we also will sometimes host a meet with nearby colleges.

We usually dress up in “flair” for our big meets! (Ivies Spring 2019)

We’re big on flair at Dartmouth, which means dressing up in costumes before meets, doing cheers, and generally being pumped to be together as a team.

Club Swim probably has roughly 40 active members, and very involved members can become captains or get leadership positions. We usually elect a student on Club Swim to be the coach for the term; it is most often a swimmer who has prior experience coaching.

For more information about Club Swim life, check out our FAQ here.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you and/or to meet you in person!